Monday, December 5, 2016

Logan 9 Month Update

Since the holiday season is in full swing, I'll start by wishing each of you the happiest of holidays from our happy little elf! I swear this kid gets cuter with each passing day. Just look at those baby blue eyes and that wispy blonde hair that covers that perfectly round head. Those plump cheeks that are begging to be kissed and that button nose that makes me want to have babies forever. I can't think of a sweeter gift this year than wrapping my arms around our two healthy, beautiful children. 

Okay, on to the update. NINE months. Can you believe it?! This month has been busier than ever with Christmas presents to buy, an elf that constantly needs to be moved, a toddler begging to watch Rudolph "just one more time," and a baby darting in and out of your legs. Whew! Logan is crawling like a boss and has recently started pulling up on anything that is stable enough to hold him. He will take steps if you hold his hands and encourage him forward and just this past weekend climbed up three steps. Lord, help us. 

I can't emphasize enough how much happier Logan is now that he can move. He despised being a baby but is really starting to shine now that he can roam the house freely (minus all of the baby gates). He chases Taylor from room to room, stopping to laugh (because he's not great at multi-tasking) or figure out which way she went. He sits at my feet in the kitchen banging measuring cups against the floor, grinning up at me as if he's really doing something. He loves to open and close the drawer under the stove repeatedly, even after being told "no" for the tenth time. He favors Taylor's room over any other and will play with her toys for hours on end. He loves music and will actually sit still for five whole minutes and watch TV if it's something that really catches his eye (like the "Trolls" trailer that we have watched nonstop for the past month).

He is still a chunky monkey and has finally moved up to eight ounces of formula at each feeding. And after weeks of knowing that he is quite capable of holding his own bottle, he will finally do it, but only on his terms. He's quite lazy about the entire thing and usually only holds it when he wants to play with it. Thanksgiving brought Logan's first taste of table food where we immediately learned that he loves mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie filling (who doesn't?). He still eats baby food but is becoming rather picky about the types he will eat. For the most part he's a pretty decent eater, but some days he refuses both table and baby food and will only eat puffs. Boys

Now that he's fully mobilized, he and Taylor have become the best little play mates, whether they're pretend cooking in her play kitchen (with Taylor cooking and Logan chewing on anything he can get his paws on) or racing up and down the hallway on their knees, these two are quite the sight. Taylor is pretty patient with him overall, but they both have their rotten moments and usually end up being pulled apart at some point. Like in the instance below when Taylor was innocently watching TV in our bed when Logan crawled over and sat right in front of her, blocking her view. Usually, she's a good sport and just laughs and moves her head, but on rare occasion it will cause a meltdown of epic proportions that leaves them both in tears. He likes to chew on her dollhouse furniture, slobber on her baby dolls, and pull the ornaments off her Christmas tree. She likes to take whatever he's playing with (claiming it as her own, of course), boss him around, and tattle on his every move. We're in for a wild ride with these two, I just know it.

This boy loves to be outdoors but continues to hate hats. I'm not sure how our babysitter manages to get him to wear one twice a day when I can barely get him to stay in one for five minutes, but I guess that's why we pay her the big bucks. He's wearing mostly 18 month clothes and growing faster than any of us can keep up. Everyone says that he'll start to slim down now that he's mobile, but we have yet to see that happen. He is a very solid 23 pounds, and it takes everything I have to hold him with one hand so that I can help Taylor with the other. I hate to rush things along considering how fast they already seem to be going, but life will certainly get a whole lot easier once this boy can walk!

Our Logi is wild and rambunctious, getting into something new every time I turn around, but I love him so. He has his daddy's looks and laid back demeanor but his stubbornness comes directly from me. Parenting Logan has been a complete 180 from parenting Taylor as the two couldn't possibly be any more different. While she was quiet and content playing by herself, Logan demands attention and will scream his little heart out until he gets it. Taylor was a fantastic sleeper at just 8 weeks old while Logan continues to wake at 4 AM each morning eager for affection. He is loud and bold yet soft and gentle, and at just 9 months old he's claimed his role within our family dynamic.

Happy holidays, sweet boy. I cannot wait to celebrate your first Christmas and experience all that magic that it entails. I look forward to making our entire month fun, festive, and full of firsts!