Monday, February 20, 2017

Logan 11 Month Update

Oh where to start with this boy? He is the ultimate sour patch kid, giving sweet smooches and belly laughs one minute and knocking things over while screaming his head off the next. He is a complete 180 from his sister and I continue to struggle to understand him 99% of the time, but the one thing that we always see eye-to-eye on is how crazy we are about each other. He loves to be rough and tough with dad and adores Taylor like no other, but this kid is a momma's boy through and through. Be still my heart, you ornery little thing!

He is this-close to walking but can't seem to find his balance yet. He cruises along the furniture and is a speed demon while holding onto our hands, but he just can't seem to find the confidence to do it on his own. He zooms all over the house behind his walker opening every cabinet and draw he comes across and pulling out whatever he can find, leaving a trail of debris behind him wherever he goes. Since Logan is on the brink of taking those first steps, Jake took him shoe shopping last weekend while Taylor and I were on a girls' trip in St. Louis. Thank goodness his feet were too wide to fit into anything they tried on or I'm certain they would've come home with at least five pair! If there's one thing I hope Logan doesn't acquire, it's his daddy's affinity for shoes!

This boy is loud and boisterous, demanding attention from everyone in the room. He says "bye" and waves (but only when he wants to) and makes exaggerated clapping gestures along to "If You're Happy And You Know It." He recently learned to dance and will stop and drop it like its hot every time "Can't Stop the Feeling!" comes on during Trolls. Other favorite tunes (that aren't Trolls-related) are "Twinkle Twinkle Dinosaur," "The Wheels on the Bus," and "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." He loves to be naked and is extremely ticklish. His sweet spots are his neck, thighs, and, of course, his belly! He loves blankets and will snuggle them so hard that you think he may not come up for air - until he does in a fit full of laughter as if it were the funniest thing in the world. He has finally mastered the proper way of going down the stairs (feet rather than head first), but he still topples down them at least once a day, laughing at the bottom as if it were the second funniest thing in the world. See? ALL. BOY.

This kid is a powerhouse when it comes to eating. It's nothing for him to scarf down 2 pancakes, 2 scrambled eggs, and a bowl full of fruit in one sitting. In fact, there isn't much food that this boy doesn't like. He'll throw back broccoli and asparagus just as fast as pasta and grilled cheese, but he continues to prefer meat over all else and will consume as much chicken, ham, and fish as you put in front of him. He weighs 26.2 lbs and has officially outgrown all of his 12-18 month clothes. He continues to grow in length as fast as he does in weight and is at least a head taller than our 24" barstools. Taylor grew at a quick pace during her first 12 months, but it is nothing compared to how ridiculously fast Logan is growing. If he continues at this rate, he'll surpass his sister before his second birthday!

We recently began diffusing lavender in Logan's bedroom at night, and it has made all the difference in the world! The nights that I don't diffuse it he wakes up around 3:00-4:00 AM and refuses to go back to sleep, but the nights that I do it's (usually) sweet dreams until 6 AM, although he has cut two new teeth this past week so sleep has been hard to come by regardless. He officially has eight teeth total and is working on a few more as I type. Thank heavens for all the baby Motrin!

One evening after arriving home from daycare, Taylor ran straight to the bathroom rather than into one of their bedrooms to play. Poor little Logan sat outside the bathroom door patiently waiting until Taylor was finished, eager to play but more excited to play with her. She asks for him first thing in the morning and rushes into his room to greet him as soon as he is awake. He welcomes her with a great big grin and the occasional hug, and then they immediately get to playing. These two...they are everything.

And just for fun, a comparison of Logan and I (roughly) at the age of one. I'd say there's a slight resemblance. ;c )