Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Fields of green and bumble bees
Afternoon naps under shade trees
Rotating sprinklers, soggy lawns
Sidewalk chalk and sleepy yawns

Trips to water parks and zoos
Family reunions and barbecues
The sound of laughter fills the air
Happiness is everywhere

Citronella and sunscreen
Bowls of homemade ice cream
Charcoal burning on the grill
Fresh baked pies on window sills

Splash pads and water slides
Days spent lounging pool-side
Running around from here to there
Twirling and singing without a care

Slip 'n slides, water balloon fights
Unexpected guests and road trip sights
Carnival rides that cost a buck
Festivals, fireworks, and food trucks

Faces covered in sweat and dirt
Mosquito bites and burns that hurt
Swimsuits, sunglasses, and skinned knees
Wrinkled hands for all to see

Early to rise and late to bed
Messy top knots on our heads
The very best season (except for fall)
New adventures had by all.



Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Logan 3 Month Update

At just 3 months old, Logan has found his sweet spot. Although he hates being a baby and can't wait to do big kid things like sit up and roll over, he is really starting to come into his own. He loves to be held facing outward so he can see what's going on (and be part of the conversation) which means we have been using the Baby Bjorn non-stop. Taylor never cared much for baby wearing, but Logan is just the opposite. He loves to be in on the action and absorb everything around him (just like his father).

Along with needing to be seen, little man also wants to be heard! He's constantly cooing, babbling, or crying out in an effort to steal our attention away from big sister. Because let's face it, she requires a lot of attention. The other night we were driving home and Taylor started crying ("because I don't know why") so then Logan started crying (because he's a sympathy crier). Eventually, they both stopped and Logan blabbered something. Taylor stopped what she was doing, looked over at Logan and said, "Uh, I know!" It was the funniest thing ever, and Jake and I couldn't help but laugh. These kids are just too much.

Major milestones this month include reaching, grasping, and rolling onto his side! Logan loves laying on his play mat, gripping anything he can get his hands on, and wiggling around in circles. He's also dangerously close to rolling over.  Not only is he starting to become mobile, but he's also showing signs of teething! My sweet little baby (who was just born like yesterday) is constantly covered in drool and gnawing on everything in sight. It's hard to believe that he's already out of the infant stage and well into baby territory. They say that boys typically reach physical milestones before girls and, so far, it has proven to be entirely true. Taylor didn't exhibit most these traits until she was about 4 months old!

In terms of size, Logan weighs in at 15 lbs 8 oz and measures 25 1/2" long. He's wearing 3-6 (and some 6-9) month clothing and loves, loves, loves to eat! Once I stopped breastfeeding, we started Logan on Gerber Good Start Gentle formula, the same we used with Taylor. He spits up on occasion but overall does very well with it. Plus, it doesn't have that smell that other formulas tend to have. Bleh.

This little guy is such a delight to be around, spreading joy wherever he goes with those chubby cheeks and full face grins. The sounds of his sweet baby giggles can brighten even the darkest day. He is so happy and full of life, and I can't believe I get to call him mine. We love you to the moon and back, little Logi Bear.