Friday, March 31, 2017

Logan 12 Month Update

Although it has been nearly a month since his actual birthday, I just had to post his 12 month update. While I was capable of posting monthly updates of Taylor until she turned two, I just don't think it's going to happen for poor Logan. I'll update as often as I can, but there are only so many hours in the day and spending time with our family takes priority over blogging about them. With that said, our baby boy is a whole year old! Can you believe it? He turned one on March 3 at 7:47 AM, and it seems like just yesterday I was being wheeled into the OR to deliver him. It's incredible how fast the time goes with your second child. Taylor is knocking the big sister gig out of the park and talking about kindergarten non-stop while Logan is checking off every "first" and holding his own with the big kids at daycare. It is such a blessing to be able to watch our children learn and grow, especially these two beautiful souls that we are able to call ours.

First things first this month, Logan is walking! He had been taking a few steps here and there for a couple of weeks but was mostly lazy about the entire situation. He would walk behind his walker or holding someone's hand but had no real interest in going at it alone until this past weekend when he just took off, walking clear across the room with a giant grin plastered across his face. He's still a little wobbly and has to have his arms out in front of him in order to keep his balance, but he's definitely getting further and faster with each passing day.

Logan also had his first hair cut this month and took it like an absolute champ! We took him to the same girl who cuts Jake's hair, and he sat perfectly still the entire time. No crying, whining, or attempting to jump out of the chair (which was my biggest concern). I was so incredibly proud of him and hope that precedent will continue for all future hair cuts (although I'm not holding my breath). And did I mention how absolutely adorable (and tiny) he looks with that giant cape on?

Over the past month, our babysitter has so lovingly given Logan the nickname "Bulldozer," because he destroys everything he comes into contact with. He will put his head down and ram though anything or anyone (including the other kids at daycare) that is in his way. He loves to knock over blocks, legos, or anything that appears to be stacked. Most kids like to put things together, but he's much happier knocking them over or pulling them apart. He is, in fact, a bulldozer, but a cute one at that.

Logan is still attached to his binky and rightfully so after all of the teething he's gone through recently. He's up to 11 teeth now with more breaking through each day. Cutting 3 molars in the past week has meant even more time with his beloved pacifier than normal which makes me nervous about eliminating it entirely, but after that last molar comes in we'll check the Farmer's Almanac and begin the weaning process. With Taylor, we literally picked a day and threw them in the trash. She struggled for a day or two but did remarkably well overall. I have a feeling that Logan will put up a bit more fight, but you never know.

Speaking of weaning, Logan is officially off the bottle! We weaned him the same way that we did Taylor - we took them away the day she turned one and never looked back! Although Taylor transitioned with eased, Logan has bit a bit stubborn (surprise, surprise) and will only drink out of a sippy cup with a silicone spout. He dislikes the hard plastic spouts and will only drink out of one if his sister has drank out of it first. He loves feeding himself and making great big messes not matter what he's eating. He enjoys a variety of food including broccoli, pasta, chicken, strawberries, and pears. He isn't fond of green beans and has recently stopped eating blueberries but something tells me that will change as soon as summer rolls around and we resume eating fresh fruit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Favorites this month include opening and closing doors, putting his hands in the toilet, snuggling his face into blankets, digging things out of the trash, and emptying the contents of every cabinet/closet/dresser he comes across. The kid can completely destroy a room in 30 seconds flat (which is quite impressive). As you can imagine, I'm not a huge fan of the majority of his interests which means I spend the bulk of my time telling him "no" and taking things away from him, both of which he strongly dislikes. He still pulls his sister's hair on the daily and recently pulled my favorite silver bar necklace from around my neck with his incredible hulk strength. The difference between boys and girls is remarkable.

And can I just point out how semi-creepy it is that the movie "Logan" just happened to come out on our son's birthday (3.3.16) and that Wolverine was Jake's favorite comic book character growing up? In fact, I'm pretty sure the only reason he finally gave in and actually let me name him Logan is because it was the character's real name. Coincident? I think not.