Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Update

We live for the weekends in our house. Weekends mean no work or daycare, big breakfasts followed by lazy mornings playing in the living room, and lots of free time to do whatever we want. Weekends keep us sane.

We started ours off on an extremely happy note this past Friday when we finally found a tree limb in our back yard strong enough to hang the swing Taylor received from her Nana on her birthday. After Jake went all Texas Chainsaw Massacre on our big maple last summer, we were left with a sad excuse for a tree and nowhere safe to hang her swing. Nice going, Jake. Long story short, the tree has grown and we were able to hang up the swing. And this chick was super excited.

The look on her face after that first push was priceless! This girl loves being outside and could spend hours swinging back and forth, so this was basically like Christmas morning for her. And the best part is, we no longer have to walk a mile to the nearest park for her to get her swing on. Momma can sit in her Adirondack, sip a cold one, and push the tot 'til her heart's content. Hot dog, this thing is awesome.

Saturday morning, Jake went golfing so Tay and I took advantage of our girl time with a big breakfast, long wagon wide around the neighborhood, and, of course, more swinging. The weather was way too nice to be indoors so we made the most of  our morning, soaking up every ounce of sunshine we could. After nap time, we headed to the mall to pick up some new sandals and summer jammies for this little lady. She definitely wasn't in the shopping mood after a morning spent running wild, so we cut our shopping short and decided to head to dinner. We stuffed our bellies full of pasta then headed home to put the tot to bed and crack open our Leinenkugel sampler. Nothing tops off a perfect day like a Summer Shandy!

Sunday was rainy and yucky which meant we were forced to spend the day indoors. We tag teamed the day, alternating chores and spending time with the tot. In the morning, I deep cleaned our dog-hair covered house (seriously, yuck) while Jake and Tay snuggled on the couch watching Curious George. Later that afternoon, Jake ran errands while the tot napped and I did laundry. Poor baby woke from her nap with a mouth full of pain and a belly ache, which meant she only wanted to be held. She has been cutting some serious teeth lately so a lazy Sunday is exactly what she needed. A warm bath and some new summer jams turned her frown upside down, and she was bouncing off the walls by the time bed time rolled around. Funny how that happens.

Overall, another great weekend and some quality family time on the books. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did!