Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Fields of green and bumble bees
Afternoon naps under shade trees
Rotating sprinklers, soggy lawns
Sidewalk chalk and sleepy yawns

Trips to water parks and zoos
Family reunions and barbecues
The sound of laughter fills the air
Happiness is everywhere

Citronella and sunscreen
Bowls of homemade ice cream
Charcoal burning on the grill
Fresh baked pies on window sills

Splash pads and water slides
Days spent lounging pool-side
Running around from here to there
Twirling and singing without a care

Slip 'n slides, water balloon fights
Unexpected guests and road trip sights
Carnival rides that cost a buck
Festivals, fireworks, and food trucks

Faces covered in sweat and dirt
Mosquito bites and burns that hurt
Swimsuits, sunglasses, and skinned knees
Wrinkled hands for all to see

Early to rise and late to bed
Messy top knots on our heads
The very best season (except for fall)
New adventures had by all.