Monday, October 10, 2016

Logan 7 Month Update

Seven has been a ground breaking month for Logan. He learned to sit all by himself, roll across a room in a matter of seconds, inhale an entire tub of baby food in one breath, and even added a new word to his vocabulary. He has officially hit his stride. 

Logan's 6 month check up was a couple weeks overdue (as is this blog post and everything else in my life at the moment), so I'm using those stats for the sake of this post. My aching back and bulging biceps can confirm that this boy is as solid as they come, weighing in at 20 lbs 5 oz and measuring 27 1/2" and solidifying his rank at the top of charts for yet another month. Although he continues to grow at warp speed, he continues to consume five 6 oz. bottles each day. The difference this month is that we have increased his solid food intake so that he is eating three actual meals in addition to his formula. His increase in calories has been equally matched with his newfound mobility. This guy can roll/wiggle/squirm his way anywhere he wants to go, including directly into Taylor's dollhouse where she immediately told him, "No, no Logan. You don't go into sissy's dollhouse. It's for pretend babies only!" 

He continues to babble and blow bubbles and has learned how to move his finger up and down against his lips while humming in order to make the most adorable (albeit annoying) sound. He also blurted out a new word while spending some quality time with his uncle Adam during Taylor's birthday party. I walked in his room just in time to hear him say, "Adam," and watch my brother-in-law's face light up with excitement. He was on a roll saying "dada" nonstop but had recently ceased all communication until this past weekend when we were at my sister's house and Adam got him to call him by name once again. I don't know what it is about that guy, but kids absolutely love him! ;c )

I am so happy to report that after three months of teething this boy finally has a tooth (and another one not far behind)! It has been a rough couple of weeks filled with lots of drool and diaper rashes, but that pesky first tooth has finally broken through. Unfortunately, it comes right on the heels of Logan's first sickness so that sense of relief will have to wait until his fever breaks and this virus passes. Fortunately, it hasn't dampened his spirits much. He continues to be as happy as ever but has insisted on a few extra snuggles (which I'll gladly take). 

His sister continues to rule his world as he loves nothing more than to be the center of her attention. She sings him songs and reads him stories, and he babbles and laughs the entire time. They splash their way through bath time and sit side by side on the couch watching cartoons. They get along about 90% of the time, but it isn't uncommon for them to be playing nicely one minute and then screaming and crying the next. No matter how well they may get along now, one this is certain: life will likely get much more interesting with these two over the next couple of years. 

You are the sweetest little love bug but 100% boy. You like to play rough, make growling noises, and read "Little Blue Truck" on repeat. You like being naked, hearing animal noises, and playing on the floor by yourself (as long as one of us is close by). Those chubby cheeks and infectious smile are swoon-worthy on their own, but when you cup your tiny hands around my face and pull my forehead to yours I turn into a big pile of mush. You are light and love wrapped in the most adorable little package. Thank you for being ours!