Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Logan 10 Month Update

I realize this update is a little overdue being that Logan will be 11 months old next week, but this cold & flu season has not been kind to us. We've endured three rounds of the flu over the past 8 weeks, multiple runny noses and head colds, and now we've moved on to the itchy throat/respiratory gunk that seems to be never-ending, most of which happened while I was single parenting my way through rush in December and while Jake was out of town for work earlier this month. I cannot emphasize enough how ready I am for warmer weather!

But enough about that, what's new with Logan? Just this week he weighed in at 24 lbs. 6 oz., which is nearly the same amount that Taylor weighed when she was EIGHTEEN months old. This kid is solid in every sense of the word. He loves eating table food with his favorites being pasta, hot dogs, eggs, pancakes, mashed potatoes, and chicken. Clearly, this kid craves two things: meat and carbs (just like his father). He'll eat select veggies (mainly broccoli or green beans) but only if I mix them up with his meat or pasta. He shoves fists full of food into his mouth at a time, so if everything is mixed together he doesn't know what he's eating. #momwin His dexterity has greatly improving and he can drink out of a sippy cup on his own now. Although we limit his sippies to water, he has had the occasional taste of milk - and loves it! In fact, as soon as Taylor finishes her sippy full of milk in the mornings, Logan darts straight across the room, picks it up, and shoves it into his mouth, eager to drink any remaining drops. He would switch to cow's milk right now if we'd let him, but I'm holding out for that one year mark (even though formula is draining on the bank account). Only five short weeks left!

In terms of mobility, our wild child is always on the move (as evident by all of these terrible photos) - pulling up on anything sturdy enough to hold him, pushing his walker or Tay's shopping cart, climbing up and down the stairs, chasing after the vacuum, pulling all the books off the bookshelves, knocking over anything vertical, and throwing the play table and chairs across the living room. It's non-stop exhaustion trying to keep up, but it's great cardio (and free!).  He wants to do everything Taylor does so badly and will try his hardest to keep up with her (even though it usually ends in tears). He chases her up and down the hall and lets out a squeal of laughter when she stops to tickle him or give him smooches. If Logan wakes up from his nap before Taylor, he crawls to her bedroom door and sits, just like a puppy waiting for its owner. I'm not sure who loves who more, but one thing is for sure: these two would be lost without each other.

This boy LOVES to talk and be included in any conversation. If Jake, Taylor, and I are speaking, he screams incessantly until we stop and acknowledge him. When he's mad or feeling ignored, he shouts "Ma!" as loud as he can and sounds just like a little boy from Jersey. Imagine thinking your baby is sleeping peacefully in his crib then hearing "Ma! Ma! Maaaaaaaaa!" from his room. It's equally annoying and hilarious!  Logan has entered the attachment phase where he always wants to be by my side, either sitting at my feet while I'm cooking dinner or pulling up on my legs while I'm sitting on the couch. He is the sweetest little snuggle bug when he is tired and will curl up in my arms and lay his head on my shoulder, making me wish he would just stay this age forever. He is definitely a momma's boy.

And since Logan's first Christmas occurred this month, I thought I'd give a little recap on his favorite gifts and a few special memories. Although he was too young to actually open his presents, he had a blast eating all the tissue and wrapping paper he could get his hands. He didn't like waiting for his toys to be taken out of the boxes and assembled so next year we'll skip the wrapping and put everything together ahead of time. His favorite toys included a rocking horse (terrible music and endless neigh-ing included), a tee ball set made entirely out of foam (genius!), a Little People barnyard set and tractor, his walker, and the microphone to Taylor's Doc McStuffins boombox (which is constantly in his mouth). A few memorable firsts for Logan over the holiday season included his first taste of Christmas cookies (which went over incredibly well), meeting Santa Clause and not screaming bloody murder, and scarfing down Christmas dinner like it was his job. Overall, it was a very successful first Christmas - until the flu hit our house, again.

With the holidays (and hopefully the sickness) behind us, it's time to start preparing for Logan's first birthday! In just five short weeks, our baby will be one and we will officially have two toddlers in our house. Say a prayer for me, please.