Wednesday, November 5, 2014

13 Month Update

My goal is to continue these monthly updates for as long as possible, because nothing cheers me up faster on a crummy day than looking back and laughing at all of the crazy adventures our tot has put us gone through. And let's face it, the major reason you all come to this blog is to see the tot's face. I don't blame you. It's by far the best part of my day, too. So let's get to it...

Since officially becoming a toddler, life with the tot has become much more interesting. The rate at which she learns is absolutely remarkable. Kids really are like sponges - they absorb and retain everything they come into contact with. Our girl is no exception. Watching her as she continues to grow and develop is truly the highlight of my life.

Our babysitter was closed one day last week, so Jake and I each worked a half day in order to avoid one of us missing a full day at the office. When I arrived home at noon, this is what I found. Jake had bought her a coloring book and crayons and made her this sweet box fort. She had the best time playing in her "house" all afternoon. Jake reached rock star status for this little gem, for sure.

Taylor loves being outdoors, which means we have spent as much time as possible outside riding toy cars, going for walks, and enjoying the fall weather. Thankfully, our girl is able to spend the majority of her time at daycare running around outside and playing with her friends. This allows her to release some excess energy and our babysitter to keep her sanity. Win, win.

Thankfully, the tot is finally outgrowing the stage of hating things on her head (and in good timing with winter right around the corner), which means we have recently begun experimenting with various head wear options. In fact, trying on hats is now a must at any store we go to. She giggles non-stop while putting different hats on and off her head. A cheap and easy source of entertainment for all!

Last week, I attempted to give Taylor her first pony tail. Although she was not thrilled with me touching her hair and squirmed though out the entire process, she also didn't rip it out. And even though I consider that a small victory, I think we'll wait a few more weeks before wearing this look out in public. I mean, she looks like an unproportionate unicorn. Jake must have agreed with me because, as soon as he saw her, all he said was "no".

Taylor's latest and greatest hobby is chasing Charlie around the house. While she is amused by petting hitting him in the face, pulling on his tail, and laying on top of him, he is not. But since he will do anything for attention these days, he puts up with her antics (most of the time). One morning, while getting ready for work, I noticed these two sitting side by side under my sewing table as Taylor rambled on in her crazy toddler language. It was the funniest and most picturesque sight I had seen in a long time. I so wish I would've gotten it on video!

Our girl continues to enjoy new foods and will eat nearly anything we give her (a girl after my own heart). Her most recent dishes have included chili, tacos, and shrimp, all of which she devoured instantly. And even though she eats as though every meal is her last, her baby fat continues to disappear roll by roll. I can literally see my baby fading away with each new photo I capture. It's already quite clear that she is going to be tall and skinny, just like her father.

As she continues to grow physically and mentally, I continue to thank my lucky stars that we have been blessed with such a wonderful little girl. And since I can't stop time, I have been trying to embrace each and every moment we spend together. I have been making a conscious effort to disconnect myself from work and social media in the evenings so that I can soak up every memory of our tot at this stage in life, because, at the end of the day, nothing matters more than this sweet face.