Friday, October 31, 2014

Flashback Friday: Halloween Edition

In honor of Halloween falling on a Friday this year (YAY!!), it's only appropriate to dedicate this week's Flashback Friday to all of my favorite Halloween costumes of the past. I absolutely love dressing up, getting into character, and pretending to be someone (or something) for a day. And up until now, I have never worked for a company that has allowed me dress up for the occasion (or that cared much about the spirit of the day, in general), so I was extra excited as I put on my costume this morning. "What am I?" you ask. Well, you'll have to follow me on Instagram to find out. But I'll give you a hint: our entire family is dressing up as characters are from an all-time classic movie (which just so happens to include one of my favorite soundtracks ever). I can't wait to put the tot in her outfit this evening and have her join in on our family tradition this year. It's going to be fa-boo-lous!

I should note that my sweet friend Shanna was always my partner in crime for Halloween, always ready and willing to dress up, go out, and celebrate life with me (no matter how ridiculous my ideas were). She was a huge contributor to our Halloween fun, and  I will miss her so incredibly much this year.

So here we go, a trip down memory lane - Halloween style.

In 2005, some friends of ours threw an 80's party. Shanna and I spent the day going through racks at Goodwill, ratting our hair, and singing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". We had such a blast that night with all of our friends (and all of that booze in the background).

In 2009, Jake insisted on being something masculine, so we bought him a plastic gun, a cowboy hat, and a fake mustache and went as a cowboy and saloon girl.

In 2010, we bought a fog machine, decked our basement out in Halloween decor, 
and threw our first Halloween party (beer pong included). 
Wayne & Garth was quite possibly my favorite costume EVER!

In 2011, Jake and I dressed up as Juno MacGuff and Paulie Bleeker. 
I guess people actually thought that I was pregnant, because I got a lot of dirty looks while drinking at the bar. (Kuddos to me on the stellar costume!) We were obviously too busy having fun to get a picture together, but I assure you that Jake looked exactly like the image below. 
He was hilarious in those short shorts!

In 2012, we decided last minute to dress up which led to a late night trip to Wal-Mart and a lot of burnt fingers ironing on those logos. In the end, it was totally worth it, because these costumes were a huge hit. People wanted to throw pong balls into our helmet cups all night long!

Wishing you all bucket loads of candy and more treats than tricks this year! 
Happy Halloween!!