Monday, January 19, 2015

Sleep Style

Since the tot was born, I have been collecting pictures of all of her ridiculous sleeping positions in hopes that I would always remember her quirky little ways. From the day we brought her home until now, Taylor has always had a peculiar sleep style. When she was just a few months old, she would either sleep in starfish position with her arms and legs spread out as far as they would reach or with her arms gently folded behind her head. I should note that she also spent the majority of her time in my womb in this exact position (only then, those little elbows were poking me in the ribs).

Around four months when she was able to roll over on her own, she began tossing and turning, typically ending up on her stomach with her knees tucked in and her butt in the air (a position that continues to be a favorite of hers).

She would also end up in a particularly painful-looking position where she bends at the waist and lays flat on her chest. This is the position she resorts to now when she's exceptionally tired. 

Like any good athlete, Tay knows the importance of stretching before attempting any tricky movements. Here she is doing a little Downward Dog before moving into her next position.

Over the course of her short life, the tot has tried nearly ever possible sleeping position: on her stomach with her face smashed up against the rails of the crib, on her stomach with one arm and one leg out to the side, on her back with one arm up and one straight out to the side, and other various poses that only a toddler could find comfortable. I must say, she is quite the flexible little lady.  I have no idea how she actually rests in these contorted positions, but she seems content so we don't question it. I am a little concerned that once she transitions to a big girl bed she will spend most of her nights falling out of it, but I guess that's to be expected out of every kid at some point. I'm sure she's just high maintenance like her momma and will require a bigger bed to sprawl out on. Because anyone who has ever shared a bed with me knows that my sleeping habits aren't that different from the tot's!

And when all else fails and she just can't get comfortable, sometimes she just needs to snuggle.