Monday, January 12, 2015

The Life of a Series Addict

Since cancelling our cable last summer, Jake and I have spent our evenings flying through one TV series after another. First, we became insanely obsessed with "Lost", spending every free minute indulging in the madness of the survivors as they attempted to make their way off the island. In fact, we stayed up entirely too late the night before I started my new job just to watch the series finale. For those of you who haven't seen it, I won't tell you what happens, but let's just say that the ending was a total let down. The reaction of Paul Rudd's oldest daughter in "This is 40" was completely justified.

Once we got over our disappointment, we dove straight into "Mad Men", and it wasn't long before Don Draper began consuming our evenings and weekends. Every night one of us would mutter, "Just one more episode..." which always led to an extremely late bed time followed by baggy eyes in the morning.  We watched the last episode the night before my husband worked his first 16 hour day of rush. Totally worth the sleep deprivation. Mad Men is a phenomenal series. It is extremely well written and fully captures every detail of the 1960's. Truth be told, I was sad when the last episode was over and secretly wished there was another season that Netflix hadn't released yet.

Since rush ended and we are forced to stay indoors due to the frigid temps, we have been binging on "Orange is the New Black" (a couple years late, but that seems to be our trend). We just finished Season 2 and are anxiously awaiting the Season 3 premiere this summer. This go round has been different for us because we are used to being able to watch a series in its entirety, but this time we actually have to wait for new episodes to air. The freedom that comes with being able to watch a series from start to finish without having to wait for a new episode each week has been stifled for now, but this series is worth it. While it's pretty graphic in content, the story line never fails to impress. And the cast of characters is everything you'd expect but in completely unexpected ways (if that makes sense). Regardless, this series is on pause for now, so it's time to move on to the next.

Since the addition of Hulu and Netflix into our lives, every night is the same routine in our house. After we get home, I muddle through a half-ass workout while attempting to entertain the tot until Jake gets home. Next, we cook dinner, eat dinner, and watch Taylor rub dinner in her hair. Jake cleans up the kitchen while I bathe the tot and put her to bed. Then it's a race to the TV to see what shenanigans our then-favorite cast of characters can get into. It's so addicting. And all the while, we're fully aware that we're sacrificing time and sleep and basically all of the other things we could be doing with our free time (like blogging), but TV is such a sweet escape from reality. It's the ability to peer down the lens into someone else's life causing you not to have to think or worry about your own for a while. And for me in particular, as someone who not only loves to write but also majored in Communication, I love every aspect of the process: creating characters, developing their complex histories, and then seeing that story come to life in the form of other people's perceptions of those characters. It absolutely fascinates me. So I'm more than okay spending my free time watching a program if I feel it sends a powerful message, discusses controversial topics, and accurately portrays a variety of different cultures. Gone are the days of flipping through channels and crappy reality TV shows. We are on the series bandwagon, and we aren't getting off any time soon.

My parents have been raving about "Breaking Bad" (and if you know anything about my parents, you know the show's premise and their moral compass don't exactly fit), so we are currently considering it as our next target. It's going to be a long winter, and we have to find something to occupy our time until it's warm enough to venture outside again!

If you have any suggestions on must-watch shows, I'd love to hear them! Stay warm, friends!