Thursday, May 28, 2015

20 Month Update

Let's be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with this age. I love how active and vocal the tot is becoming, but I do not love the tantrums that occur every five minutes. Simple tasks like running to the grocery store have gotten much easier, but when she comes unglued because she can't eat the blueberries, hold the raw chicken, or throw things out of the cart I start to reconsider just how "easy" this phase really is. She's testing her boundaries (and my patience) with every move she makes, constantly deciding whether to follow my instruction or do the opposite. Usually the latter occurs followed by some sort of punishment. Not to say that she's a bad egg, but when she puts herself in the time out corner without any direction from us, it's time to start considering other disciplining options. But seriously, how can you be mad at this face? Things would be a lot easier if she wasn't so darn adorable. And covering my face in smooches two seconds after I punish her.

One fun hurdle this month has been Taylor generously sharing every meal and snack with her pal, Charlie. Sometimes she's sly about it and waits until we're not looking, but most of the time she does it right in front of our faces then denies it when we ask her about it. Thankfully, Charlie's stomach is pretty iron-clad, but, unfortunately, there have been a few night-time vomiting sessions to report. Nothing is worse than waking up at 2 a.m. to find your room covered in dog vomit (except maybe waking up to find it covered in dog shit). The silver lining is that I rarely have to sweep the kitchen floor anymore and Charlie is becoming much more tolerant of Taylor wallering all over him.

Favorite activities this month include picking up rocks and twirling in circles, which proves she is as much a tomboy as she is a girly-girl. This chick developed a serious love of rocks out of nowhere. She will spend an hour sitting under our deck picking up as many rocks as she can fit in her hands only to throw them down and start all over. It's all fun and games until it's time to go inside and she is forced to leave her rocks outside. Now, I know what you're thinking, just let her bring them inside. Well, I did at first until I found them hidden in the kitchen drawers and tucked between our bed sheets. Her love of hiding those precious stones randomly throughout the house quickly led to the end of her indoor rock collection. Now we leave them on the patio furniture or inside the cup holders in her car seat. Aside from her love of solidified calcium, her newest fascination is twirling, a personal childhood favorite of mine. The tot absolutely loves it when I hold her in my arms and we spin in circles until we fall over. The faster I go, the tighter she squeezes my neck and the louder we giggle. It's totally worth the dizzying headache and is a great stress reliever. I highly recommend it.

My personal favorite this month has to be her overly-dramatic answers to everything. No matter what question we ask, she responds with a loud gasp followed with a giant smile as if I just said she could bring all of her rocks inside, which would make her the happiest kid on the planet. Her communication skills are improving daily, and I love that she's starting to learn more words. Her versions of please (peeeeeea) and thank you (dat yoo) are the sweetest sounds. When she's not being a hellion, she is such a sweetheart.

The hair situation is still a hot mess, but we're beginning to learn how to maneuver through it. Tay's hair is getting too long to leave down all the time, especially with summer just around the corner. In the mornings, she's entirely too focused on chugging her milk to even notice me putting in her pig tails, but when we need to brush her hair after bath time our new go-to is distracting her with things outside our bedroom window. I ask her to locate different objects, like "her" tree (the October maple we planted for her before she as born), weeds flowers, Charlie, or Jake (if he's mowing the lawn), which usually takes just enough time for her to locate as it does for me to complete my task. Distraction for the win!

Other fun things this month include a new play kitchen gifted to us by my Great Aunt, a Taylor-size plastic slide and ride-on airplane courtesy of my sister cleaning out her basement, a gazillion wagon/stroller/tricycle rides up and down every hill in the neighborhood, and lots of trips to the park to play. This girl loves to be outside, and I'm already looking forward to many trips to the pool with her this summer.

While this age seems to be testing every ounce of my patience, it has also been the most fun to date. She drives me crazy yet fills my day with joy and laughter. Her personality resembles mine more and more each day, which is probably why we butt heads so often. While she is a mama's girl at heart, no one can make her laugh like her daddy. Watching the two of them play is the absolute best, but holding her in my arms as she lays her head on my shoulder at the end of each day is my favorite thing in the entire world. I wouldn't trade her love or her tantrums or anything.