Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

To say that I have been a blog slacker lately would be putting it nicely. The last couple of weeks we've been recovering from vacation as well as a viral infection that turned our sweet little girl completely upside down. She's finally better and I'm on the mend (because you know I had to catch whatever it was that she had), but now we're dealing with a serious case of biting. While the tot has attempted to bite a couple of kids at daycare, she prefers to bite me...on the shoulder....while giving me a hug. This chick has turned into a total sour patch kid - and just in time for Mother's Day!

My Mother's Day weekend kicked off with the hubby taking me out to lunch and delivering flowers to my office on Friday. That evening, he showered me with gifts just before we hit the road to visit my parents for the weekend. Jake may be a hard ass at times, but he really goes above and beyond to make me feel special when it matters most. The guy is way better at surprises than I am and totally gets what it means to be a husband. I'm extremely lucky to have him in my life.

Taylor, on the other hand, decided to show her love for me by kicking me in the face and biting me three times this weekend. Three. Twice during church on Sunday and once more at home last night, just for good measure. Seriously, what is with this child? Clearly, she didn't get the memo that you're supposed to be nice to your mom on Mother's Day.

We spent the weekend with my family and celebrated Mother's Day Saturday night. All 12 of us ventured out to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate, and what a delight that turned out to be! Due to the holiday (and no one wanting to cook), the place was completely packed. Since our party was so large, we were forced to sit at two different tables, which meant Riley, Reagan & Taylor each took turns screaming/crying since they couldn't be right next to each other. Top that with half of our party not getting their food, Taylor climbing out of her highchair every 5 minutes, and you get a glimpse of why we prefer to stay at home for family gatherings. After dinner, we headed back to my parents' house for desert and to let the kids run wild play. Their house looked like a tornado had gone through it with toys trailing down the hall and empty dishes strewn about, a clear indication that we all had a great evening. I absolutely adore my family no matter how crazy or chaotic they may be, and I'm always grateful when we get to spend quality time together.

Aside from being battered and bruised, the weekend overall was a success. I was able to spend some much-needed time with the ladies in my life that matter most, my sister, my mom, and my grandmother. Not only are these ladies hard-working, strong, and intelligent women, but they are also kind, generous, and extraordinary mothers. I'm lucky to have such wonderful role models in my life to look up to, and I'm thankful every day for their guidance and wisdom as I fumble through motherhood on my own. I hope each of you had a wonderful Mother's Day celebrating all of the amazing women in your life!