Monday, August 8, 2016

Logan 5 Month Update

Let me just start by saying that I love this age. Logan has officially transitioned out of the "I just want to sleep and eat all of the time" newborn stage and is well into the "Please play with me and give me all of your attention" phase. He is covered in rolls from head to toe, has perfected the baby cobra pose, and is finally starting to sprout some hair. I cannot get enough of this little boy, especially the abundance of love and laughter he has brought into our lives. Quite honestly, I'm not sure what we ever did without him!

Our not-so-little man continues to learn and grow with each passing day, and although he's been making big moves lately nothing is as important to him as his big sister. These two are at such fun ages and are really starting to hit it off, mostly because Logan is becoming more mobile and able to interact with her more. Taylor shares her toys with him, tells him stories, and sings to him, and he eagerly eats up her attention. Their budding friendship is everything I hopped it would be, and I die a little every time she says "I love you my little Logi Bears." I know this mutual love won't last forever, so I'm trying to cherish these moments while they still enjoy each other's company. I'm guessing it will end as soon as Logan discovers that Taylor has long hair just like Momma. Ouch.

In terms of mobility, Logan still hasn't figured out how to roll in a complete circle, but he loves to lay on his belly and scoot around the living room floor. He is still sleeping 10-12 hours each night (praise the Lord!) but we hit a rough patch about a week ago when I checked his monitor to discover him lying face down with his nose pressed flat against the mattress. I freaked out and spent the entire night going into his room every 5 minutes to make sure he was still breathing. Sure enough, he was perfectly content, snoozing away while I sat awake and worried all night. Ah, motherhood. Where you worry about everything and nothing at the same time.

This boy is so close to sitting up on his own, but his big noggin gets the best of him and sends him tumbling forward every time. I'm confident he'll have it down down by his 6 month birthday. Teething is an ongoing process, but he has yet to have any actually break through (although those bottom gums are looking awfully white). It's slobber city around our house, and between the drool and my post-partum hair loss I feel like cleaning is a never ending job. Please tell me I'm not the only one losing 4-5 handfuls of hair a day?! At this rate, I'll be bald by Christmas.

What's new this month? Logan has discovered his voice! Whether he's babbling, yelling, or spitting blowing bubbles, he is constantly making some kind of noise. And since he can't speak yet, shouting has become the unofficial form of communication between our two kids. Their favorite place for a shouting match is usually in the car, which is especially fun when you're stuck in traffic or about 5 minutes into your 2 hour drive. Between the two of them there isn't a moment of silence, ever. Thank heaven for bedtime.

This month, our little man weighed in at a whopping 19.4 lbs and measured 26 1/2". He still has a 6 oz bottle every 4 hours and lately an 8 oz bottle before bed. He loves oatmeal but since he is in the 87th percentile for weight, our pediatrician recommended only giving it to him a few times a week. We also decided that mixing it with water rather than formula would cut back on his calorie consumption. We introduced him to sweet potatoes recently, and he can't get enough. I have a feeling this boy won't be a picky eater!

Our Logi Bear maintains his happy-go-lucky, laid back attitude which has made adjusting to life with two kids so much easier. He goes with the flow, loves to laugh, and will be the life of the party as long as he can see everyone at eye level. Strangely enough, he likes loud noises and laughs so hard when Taylor roars "like a dinosaur" at him. His favorite toys include Sophia the Giraffe, crinkly books, Taylor's dolls, my index finger, and anything else he can shove into his mouth.

We love to watch you grow, sweet boy, and are so thankful you are ours. I can't believe next month will be your 1/2 birthday!