Monday, November 14, 2016

Logan 8 Month Update

Our baby has officially moved to big boy status. It has been a busy month around our house with Logan fine tuning his motor skills, experimenting with new foods, and putting some serious rug burns on those chubby little knees.

Earlier this month, we upgraded Logan to a convertible car seat (so long pumpkin seat - ain't nobody gonna miss ya!) which led to sitting in high chairs at restaurants and riding shotgun in shopping carts with big sis. We also ditched his bath lounger which has greatly decreased the amount of splashing in the tub each night (hallelujah!). Our sweet little boy is gaining more independence with each milestone he reaches. I can't believe that in just four short months he'll be a year old!

The biggest milestone in Logan's life thus far has to be crawling. He had been rocking on all fours and crawling backward for over a month but finally mastered forward mobility this past week. Since then, he's been practicing non-stop and can zip from one side of a room to the other in a matter of seconds. He is increasingly aware of the stairs that separate our living room and kitchen and looks at them as if they are Mt. Everest just waiting to be conquered. I'm sure it won't be long before he learns to climb them and experiences his first tumble back down (thankfully, there are only three and they're carpeted). He enjoys jumping in his exersaucer and will stand assisted for approximately 2 seconds before his knees buckle. He's intrigued by the vacuum cleaner and insists on crawling directly behind it, following me from room to room as I clean. His favorite toys include anything that lights up or makes noise and anything he can stack or throw. He loves playing with Taylor's stuffed animals, ripping pages out of her favorite books, and chewing on her dollhouse furniture. All of which she just loves.

If you've seen this boy eat, it's no surprise that he continues to be a very healthy boy! Weighing in at 22 lbs, Logan is outgrowing his 12 month clothes and is quickly moving into 18 month pieces. He's intrigued by shoes and will usually tolerate them but hates having anything on his head (which is unfortunate since winter is rapidly approaching). He has advanced to stage 2 foods and loves trying a variety of new combinations. His favorites so far seem to be chicken & apples, pear/zucchini/corn, and banana & mixed berry. Occasionally, we give him a handful of puffs but he mostly just slobbers on them and then sticks them to his high chair and/or his face. We also tried giving him water in a sippy cup but he just chewed on the spout and threw it on the floor 57 times. Baby steps.

Logan still loves to sleep and continues to maintain a pretty consistent schedule. He usually wakes between 6:00-6:30 AM, takes an 1 1/2 - 2 hour morning nap, followed by another 2 hour nap in the afternoon, and then goes down for the night around 8:00 PM. The recent time change was a major struggle for our little guy, but after a week of 5:00 AM wake up calls we are finally returning to a normal routine. The only two things that can throw a wrench in his sleep schedule are teething and a stuffy nose and, unfortunately when they hit, they hit hard and none of us get any rest. On the bright side, Logan finally has some teeth! After months of drool, those pesky bottom teeth finally broke through giving our baby something to show for all of his hard work. And if the past few nights are any indication, the top two will be breaking through before long as well. #allIwantforChristmasismytwofrontteeth

Our Logi Bear continues to be the happiest baby on the block, giggling and grinning his way through life. He is fascinated by faces and will touch our eyes, nose, and mouth every chance he can get. He laughs when we make animal noises (the pig is his favorite) and likes when we cheer him on. He gets the biggest kick out of us clapping our hands and saying "Goooooo Logan!" When he fusses out of boredom, I pick him up and we dance around the living room together. He smiles as I sing and twirl him around, letting out a high-pitched giggle when I add in a dip or two. He says "dada" and "baba" upon request but only cries out "mama" when he is in distress. He hates to be left alone and will follow me all over the house just so he can be by my side. He will snuggle only when he's sleepy or sick and, lucky for me, has been extra cuddly due to a recent cold. I hate to see him suffer but welcome his affection with open arms.

We love your sweet and mischievous personality so, sweet boy. I can't wait to celebrate your first Thanksgiving later this month. Bring on the mashed potatoes!