Friday, April 18, 2014

Six Month Photos

I know that I'm supposed to be on hiatus, but we just received the photos from Taylor's six month shoot and I had to share them! Incorporating this royal blue & coral color combo into our shoot was a no brainer. I am in love with all of the vibrant colors that have made their way back from the 80's are in style this spring. Plus, I knew the hubs would be happy because it meant he could wear blue.

This kid is a straight up HAM in front of the camera these days. She's still completely uncooperative for Jake or myself, but for anyone else? She works it.

I could smooch those chubby cheeks all. day. long.

The rest of our family continues to remain incredibly unphotogenic. Jake manages to "Chandler" it up as soon as he sees a flash and, as for myself, no matter what I look like in front of the mirror, as soon as I step outside, I immediately turn into a squinty eyed/wind blown hair/scrunched up face mess. Thankfully, our photographer is amazing and was able to catch a few decent family shots. It's pretty sad when the baby is the most cooperative out of the three of us.

Regardless, I'm so happy with how these photos turned out. They capture her personality spot on, and I know that later down the road I'll be thankful that we have been so incessant with our photo taking. When I was pregnant with Taylor, we discovered that my husband only has a handful of photos of him as a baby (which makes sense as he was the third child and who has time for that with three kids?!). Combine that with the fact that my husband works at a photography lab, and this child was destined to be in front of a camera, like it or not. But honestly, a face like this needs to be recorded for posterity. At least I think so.

Images courtesy of Crystal Arellano Photography. She is a beautiful person and an amazing photographer. I highly recommend her services! You can contact her and see more of her portfolio here.