Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Baby's First Road Trip

Well folks, we are back from our mini vacation, and I am happy to report that traveling with a six month old was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated!  Our girl is a straight up ROCK STAR. She is one of those kids that immediately falls asleep once you put her in a moving vehicle. She slept five out of the seven hours each way, and the other two were spent babbling to herself and playing with Sophie the Giraffe.  (Seriously, if you do not own a Sophie of your own, you need to invest in one right. now. It is by far Taylor's favorite, must-have, can't-live-without toy!)

Halfway to Nashville, we made a pit stop in Metropolis, IL to see the "giant" Superman statue (spoiler alert: it's not as giant as one might think). Regardless, after being in the car for 4 hours, this seemed like a great excuse to get out and stretch. So, we snapped a few pics of Tay then hopped back in the car and continued on our merry little way.


She was more interested in people watching than taking pictures, a clear indication that she is indeed related to her father. 

A few hours later, we made it to Jake's brother's house and these two little cuties were reunited. They met for the first time last October when Lindy was 16 weeks old and Taylor was a mere 5 weeks old (where, oh where, has the time gone?!). It was so fun to see how much they have both grown!

They had a ball playing together. 

(Notice Sophie making another appearance.)

Unfortunately, it rained the majority of our trip, so we used the opportunity to do a lot of shopping (and Daddy used the opportunity to have a lot of snacks in the food court). Both girls were such good little shoppers, and special props to Tay for allowing me to constantly put bows and sunglasses on her pretty little face. She already has more patience that I do.

We even managed to get Taylor's picture taken with the Easter bunny in what can only be described as a scene straight out of Alice in Wonderland. Have you ever seen such a colorful photo?! I was elated that we all actually matched and were able to get such a good family photo.  

Overall, we had a great time! The girls were able to play and the adults were able to spend some quality time together. And this momma was able to get away, relax, and unwind for a few rain-soaked days. All in all, I'd call that a success. 

Here's one last photo of us stretching our legs with a quick walk around the neighborhood after we returned home Sunday afternoon. This baby earned it. She giggled and squirmed all the way around the block!

 I hope you all had a great Spring Break as well. I'm already counting down the days till our next getaway...