Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Seven Months

This past Sunday marked the seven month mark for our tot. She is officially over 2 feet long and weighs in at 18+ lbs. This is (by far) my most favorite stage yet, and it makes me so excited for all of the fun things we have planned in the coming months!

Taylor has crossed many milestones in the last couple of weeks, and we are very proud of our little girl! A few days before Easter, she started sitting, and a few days after that she cut her first tooth. Then out of nowhere this past weekend, she said her first word, "Dada." Jake was ecstatic (even though everyone knows that technically "Dada" is easier to say than "Mama"), and we both have been begging her to say it over and over again. Hearing your baby's voice for the first time truly is the sweetest thing. I can't wait for the day when she looks at me with those baby blues and says, "Mama!" 

I am constantly amazed as her personality continues to develop. People are always commenting on what a happy baby she is and, for the most part, she genuinely is! (I mean, we all have our days...) She loves to give big hugs and kisses (which is really just opening her mouth and then slobbering all over your cheek), and nothing makes her happier than being naked. Can you blame her?

She has started eating three meals a day and loves drinking water out of her Hello Kitty sippy cup (watching her chubby little fingers attempt to hold the handles makes my heart melt). I love how clumsy and innocent her movements are as she attempts every new task. She is fearless like her father and sensitive like her mother. She loves affection and is always grabbing or petting our faces. 

She is just the sweetest thing ever, and we're so fortunate to call her ours.