Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Eight Months

Oh where to begin?

Taylor is all over the place lately, but she has yet to officially crawl. I will say, she is quite crafty in maneuvering from one side of the room to the other though. If we place something out of her reach, she will squirm, twist, and do whatever it takes to get to it. She loves to get on all fours and "rock" back and forth. She has also mastered downward dog and Superman (for those of you who didn't see my video on Facebook, these are yoga poses). In fact, she is so good at getting to where she wants to be that we secretly think she is crawling all day long at day care and just playing coy at home. Sneaky, sneaky, this one.

Apparently all that moving and shaking really wears a girl out! Lately, we have had to drag this little one out of bed in the morning! Granted, she has always been a fantastic sleeper (and trust me, we know how lucky we are), but our early riser is no more. Apparently the home renovations have taken a toll on everyone in our family, but Jake nor I are complaining about the extra shut eye we're getting.

Personally, I am favoring this stage because of all the fun, girly things we are able to do! What little hair she has continues to be covered in clips & bows, and my newest obsession is painting her little toenails. I'm quite impressed that she actually sits still long enough to let me paint them. I find it works best to sit her on my lap and distract her with the fingernail clippers or a bottle of nail polish. She always wants whatever is in my hands, so after I clip her nails she is more than eager to play with them. A few swipes of polish later, she has colorful tootsies (and is none the wiser), and I am in heaven. Her chubby little toes covered in polish may be the most adorable thing ever.

Unfortunately, our girl has yet to extend her vocabulary (meaning she still hasn't said "Mama"), but she is as chatty as ever with her ba ba's, da da's, and high pitch squeals. She can easily turn a sour mood into a smile with a big bear hug and open mouth smooch (along with a free side of drool). She is a true delight to be around, and we are constantly getting compliments from everyone we meet.

Her sweet little face makes life worth living, and I can't even begin to explain the amount of joy she has brought to our home. We love you, baby girl. Happy Eight Months!