Monday, August 4, 2014

Ten Months

Since the tot was at her grandparents' house last week (due to another week of daycare closure), I am a little late on Tay's ten month post. If you thought the nine month post was entertaining, this one should be a doozie. Girlfriend is into everything! Unfortunately, I have a feeling this is only a small preview of what is to come, because she just started taking first steps last week (accompanied by our hand holding, but still)!  She has no interest in sitting still or playing by herself and don't even think about putting this baby in the corner! She is on the move non-stop, following us wherever we go and continually exploring her surroundings. She doesn't want to miss out on any of the action!

My personal favorite this month has to be her sweet new dance moves. A couple of weeks ago, she randomly started booty popping during the offertory hymn at church and, since then, Jake and I can't get enough! We are constantly singing "Twist & Shout" and "Shake that Booty" in an attempt to get her to bust a move. She. Is. Hilarious. Always keeping us on our toes and providing us with endless laughter.

She is now able to point and looks exactly like ET phoning home (only with a few extra layers of baby fat). It is so fun watching her discover something new. She slowly extends her arm until her chubby, little, pointer finger comes into direct contact with whatever it is that has caught her eye. Then she moves her eyes back and forth between the object and her hand like she can't believe that she's actually touching it. So funny how their little minds work! But the moment is typically short lived. It's not long before something distracts her (that something is usually Charlie) and she's off to explore something new.

This month our girl has tried a plethora of new foods (although a bad experience with a corn dog at the fair taught us to stay away from anything fried). She loves any type of fruit that we give her (her favorite being blueberries even though I can't stand them) as well as pasta, scrambled eggs, and steamed broccoli. I have a feeling this kid won't be a picky eater!

She has also turned into quite the little daredevil recently. This girl is completely fearless, never hesitating to climb over or under any obstacle that is in her way. Knowing my luck, she will grow up to be the ultimate tomboy leaving me to weep in the vast amounts of hair bows I have acquired for her. But, for now, our little diva remains a girly girl, still allowing me to paint her piggies and tolerating certain bows on her head. She is also obsessed with jewelry (turning every necklace I wear into a teether) and loves playing with the Mardi Gras beads that we won at the fair (which is the ultimate sign that she is, in fact, my child). Momma loves a good time and free, shiny jewelry, too, sweetheart.

This month, we were extremely fortunate because Taylor learned how to throw a tantrum! Oh, joy. And we know that they're intentional, because the only time she throws them is at home. Our babysitter thought I was nuts when I told her that Taylor had a meltdown one morning, and my mom didn't believe it either until she saw it for herself last week. Tay hates being told no and will knowingly proceed in doing something even after we have told her not to. She's becoming defiant and oh-so independent. It makes my heart ache for the days when she would sit quietly on the floor playing with her toys. Such a sweet, happy child compared to the wild beast we are currently trying to tame. I kid. She really is a good baby. She's just discovered the freedom that comes with mobility (and the ability to get into trouble).

Another recent development is Tay's fascination with books! She loves pulling them out of the organizer and scattering them all over her room. However, she prefers looking at the pictures rather than hearing the stories. Every time I go to turn a page, she slams the book shut (notice the book is closed in each of the photos below). Story time is usually short-lived, typically ending with me bursting out in song in order to keep her attention for five more seconds. In case you're wondering, "Five Green & Speckled Frogs" is her favorite.


I know I say it every month, but our tot is growing too fast. Her first birthday is rapidly approaching, and it makes me sad to think that before too long our baby will become a toddler. Thankfully, we're too busy trying to keep her from belly flopping down the stairs, eating the dog food, or applying another hydrocortizone cream facial to notice.