Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Taylor's One Year Photos

It's not often in life that I find someone who's exceptionally talented and has a true passion for what they do, but our photographer-friend Crystal Arellano is the exception to this rule. Although photography isn't her full-time occupation, you would never know it by the dedication and creativity she brings to each shoot. While these images capture Taylor's personality at its finest, you wouldn't believe how completely uninterested our tot was in taking these pictures - with the exception of one moment during the shoot when Taylor managed to break free from my arms only to run up to Crystal and give her a big bear hug. It truly was the sweetest thing ever!

As a mom of two young boys, Crystal has endless patience when it comes to photographing kids. She was loving and caring with our overly tired (and extra crabby) girl, even when Taylor just wanted to scream and run away (which she did nearly 80% of the time). Yet, somehow, Crystal managed to capture the most beautiful, candid images of our family. This certainly has been my favorite photo shoot to date, and we couldn't be more pleased with how these photos turned out. Crystal, you rock. I hope this post brings endless business your way (or at least one or two new clients. I mean, this blog isn't that popular)!

Please check out Crystal Arellano Photography for all of your photography needs. Girlfriend has a great eye and exceptional talent. Thanks again!


Who taught this girl how to do the 'Carlton'?



Please do not use these images as your own. If you are friends or family, just ask and we will gladly get you copies!