Monday, August 10, 2015

Baby Eldredge No. 2

We are so happy to announce that Baby Eldredge No. 2 will be arriving next spring! We shared the news with our families early on and had planned on announcing the news a couple of weeks ago but then everything happened with my dad and so our plans (and lives in general) were put on hold. Thankfully, he is now in a wonderful rehab center and well on his way to recovery, so what better time to announce the good news?!

As you can tell, big sis was less than impressed with our announcement photo shoot, but her reaction made for the best photos! In all reality, Taylor is super excited to be a big sister, always kissing my belly and telling the baby "hew-wo." She loves to blow raspberries on my belly button and is already certain that baby is a "seester." She's been perfecting her big sister skills on her baby doll, Penny, toting her around wherever she goes. Although we're going to have to teach her that, unlike Penny, it's not acceptable to drop kick the baby down the stairs or smother her with a blanket. 

I discovered that I was pregnant early on, just shy of 5 weeks into my pregnancy. I randomly took a test just before we were heading to the swimming pool one Saturday and to our surprise it turned positive instantly! While Jake and I were celebrating the good news, Taylor made her way into the bathroom, picked up the test, and popped it straight into her mouth! We were completely horrified and immediately questioned our parenting abilities. But what's done is done and we'll be expecting another bundle of joy on or about March 8, 2016.

I'm super excited that I'll be able to document my pregnancy this go round. Taylor was about 6 months old before I started this blog, so the only reference I have to go off of from my last pregnancy is my pregnancy journal (which I've been using to compare both pregnancies thus far). Turns out, I'm just as nauseous this go round as I was with the tot. The only difference is that this time I go from starving to nauseous in the matter of seconds, and I immediately regret every ounce of food that I eat. Maybe that's a sign this babe will be a boy or maybe it's an indication that this child will be even more of a handful that its big sister. I guess only time will tell!