Wednesday, September 16, 2015

14 & 15 Week Update

Since we were on vacation last week, I'm combining weeks 14 and 15 into one post. I'm seriously so far behind on posts and hope to have our vacation recap(s) on the blog soon! Also, don't mind the giant bags under my eyes or the nauseated look on my face. When your sister-in-law offers to babysit your toddler so that you and your husband can have a kid-free dinner overlooking the beautiful view that is Snake River Canyon, you don't ask questions. You throw on whatever is clean in your suitcase and head out the door. Thanks again, Mindy. Much appreciated!

Size: An orange

Gender: Only 5 more weeks to go until our 20 week ultrasound! Finding out the gender and feeling the baby move are my favorite parts of pregnancy, so I can't wait!

Maternity Clothes: The bump has started to take on a life of its own. Seriously, I feel like I've grown so much in the past couple of weeks. My dress pants are bursting at the seams - probably time to do some shopping.

Sleep: If my bladder didn't wake me up multiple times each night, I would sleep like a rock.  I am absolutely spent at the end of each day and this past week traveling and going non-stop certainly hasn't helped. I need a vacation from our vacation!

Best Moment This Week: Seeing all of our family and watching the tot absolutely thrive in so many new environments! I can't believe how well she did with all of the long days, constantly being shuffled around, and little to no naps. She loved every moment of our vacation, and I'm so happy that she was able to experience all that she did. Traveling with a toddler is tough but totally worth it!

Miss Anything: Sleep, energy, and lunch meat sandwiches. I am craving a #4 (add avocado & sprouts!) from Jimmy John's like nobody's business. I'll likely live on them once this babe arrives!

Movement: I remember feeling my first movements with Tay between weeks 16 & 17, so I know it's going to start any day. Some days I'm certain there's movement, but I'm just too busy to notice!

Cravings: The pickles craving is in full effect. I want that sour, dill goodness in my mouth no matter the time of day! Also still on a bagel kick and all things carbs. We ate our way through Idaho, including two stops at 9 Beans and a Burrito which is home of perhaps the best bean & cheese burrito on the planet. My mouth is watering just thinking about it...

Sickness: Much better over the past couple of weeks. I still get queasy after eating sweets though. Major bummer because ice cream is so freaking delicious.

Looking Forward To: Taking the tot to her second Mizzou football game this weekend and then preparing for her birthday! I am so far behind on everything at the moment (life is truly going at warp speed these days) so I'm looking forward to playing catch up this weekend - and hopefully squeezing in a nap or two!

And because it's too funny not to share, below is big sister really enjoying the outdoors as we attempted to capture some family photos down in the canyon at Centennial Park. Her personality absolutely shines in this photo, and I love it!