Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Life with Logan

Well, we've survived our first (and almost second) week as a family of four. Life with two kids is equally amazing and exhausting. Logan currently has his days and nights mixed up and is going through his first growth spurt which means that I am running on little to no sleep these days. Thankfully, Taylor is still going to daycare during the day (since we pay whether she goes or not), so our days are pretty laid back, meaning I'm able to keep up with the cooking, cleaning, and laundry while Logan naps between feedings. But when 5:00 rolls around and Jake and the tot come bounding through the door it's a whole new ball game. Dividing my attention between the two of them is difficult, especially since I am still on restriction and unable to pick up the tot. But regardless of any struggles or difficulties we encounter, nothing compares to the abundance of love that currently exists within our home. We are so very blessed to be able to call these beautiful children our own.

Other than the day/night confusion, Logan has been a rock star baby. He has taken to breastfeeding so well and has already put on all of the weight he lost while in the hospital. He loves to be held and will snuggle into the side of my neck and drape his arms over my shoulder, which is quite possibly my favorite thing ever. And while he enjoys snuggling with me, he would rather be curled up on his daddy's chest than anywhere else. They are two of a kind. 

Logan currently sleeps in our room in a rock-n-play which he absolutely loves, and we love it because it takes up approximately one-third of the footprint that our pack-n-play did (which is what we used with Taylor). He has yet to develop any solid routine which means he is up at all times during the night, but occasionally he'll go a solid three or four hours giving both of us some much-need sleep. I'm sure things will start to level out over the next week or two, and I'm trying my hardest to embrace each and every moment with him rather than wishing it away for more sleep. But let's be honest, when you're running on two hours of sleep, sometimes that's hard to do.

Like most newborns, his wake periods are typically short-lived, but when he is awake he makes some of the best faces (like that perfect Blue Steel look below)! He is such a happy baby, smiling often and even giggling on occassion. I have been trying to capture these moments on video whenever possible, because I know this time is fleeting and he'll be crawling before we know it.

As for big sis, she is still all about her little brother and loves to help out whenever possible. She is beginning to understand that Logan requires a lot of momma's time, which means she has been spending a lot of one-on-one time with daddy. Jake has been amazing over the last few weeks, and has tried his hardest to master ponytails and piggy painting during my absence. I have made a conscious effort to keep things as normal as possible for her despite my restrictions.  We still snuggle in bed each morning and play when she gets home from daycare in the evening. My favorite time of the day is just before bedtime when the kids are freshly bathed and we're all snuggled up on the couch. With Logan nuzzled under my neck and the tot curled up under my arm, it is without a doubt the most rewarding part of my day. 

Life with small children is hard and adding a new baby to the mix is never easy. Most days, I'm lacking in patience and living on cold coffee, but these three are my world and I cannot imagine a better life than this.