Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Newborn & Family Photos

When Logan was a mere 17 days old, we asked our good friend/photographer Crystal of Crystal Arellano Photography to capture some photos of our new family of four. We decided to do the session in our home, because everyone is more at ease in their own environment plus there is no shortage of toys and snacks to entertain the tot. Like all of our photo shoots, Taylor lasted about 30 minutes before she was completely over it. Many bribes were made (including candy and cartoons) which allowed us a couple more shots, but with nap time quickly approaching we ultimately decided it was time to wrap things up. In the end, Crystal worked her magic like always and provided us with the stunning images below. This collection truly captures the current season of our lives, and I couldn't possibly love these photos more.

Little Logan was on his best behavior due to a full belly and a couple of naps. Funny how it takes so little to satisfy them at this age. Oh please stay this little forever...

These shots of Taylor and her little brother are absolutely perfect. Words can't even express how much I love these two little beings.

The images captured in our bedroom are some of my favorite. Not only has this been the backdrop for all of those late night feedings and early morning snuggles, but it is also the place where I have spent far too many hours just staring at this beautiful little boy. Time seems to go by so much faster with your second child, and I want to ensure I always remember all of his little tendencies, like the noises he makes while he sleeps and how he insists on holding his hands up to his face when he eats.

Things turned silly quickly once the tot decided she was no longer interested in taking photos. A few flips over Jake's head and a ride on his shoulders helped to lighten the mood and bring a little laughter into the room. When things get tense in our family, we can always rely on hugs and laughter to make everything better. 

A big thank you to Crystal for another amazing set of photos. As always, I highly recommend her for any of your photography needs!