Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Spring Break

One of the few things that I enjoy about having a stranger raise my child daycare is the fact that it forces you to take breaks from work (not that I really need an excuse not to want to come to work). Our daycare just so happens to be closed a week at Christmas, a week in the summer, and a week for Spring Break. So, we are making the most of our forced time off and heading south for some (hopefully) warmer weather and to visit family.

This trip just so happens to fall on the half birthday of our little tot. She has reached such a fun stage where everything we say and do is hilarious (which I absolutely thrive on), and she is continuously full of happiness, love, and the sweetest little baby giggles. However, this trip also means our first road trip with a baby in tow. Pray for us, please, as I have about thismuch patience when it comes to being confined in a car for an extended period of time. Tay has also developed a gnarly cough over the last few days, so that should be fun to add to the mix. Regardless, our bags are packed, and we are ready to hit the road as soon as the clock strikes noon and this momma is able to leave work. This little lady is obviously ready to roll.

A very happy Spring Break to those of you lucky enough to receive time off work! And for those of you who aren't so lucky, hang in there. Summer's just around the corner.

For now, I'll leave you with these sweet smiles from our 6 month photo shoot last night. This kid is such a ham.