Friday, July 18, 2014

Flashback Friday

I know the popular thing these days is Throwback Thursday, but I can't ever get my life together in time for that, so I'm bringing a new weekly series to the blog entitled Flashback Fridays. Life has been so busy lately (and I've hit a bit of writer's block), so I thought a weekly series may be just what I need to help me out of my slump. So far, this summer has been amazing, but it sure is busy!!

This week's Flashback Friday contains my all-time favorite video of Taylor. She was about four months old when this video was taken. Jake went in her room to feed her one morning (I do the nighttime routine and he does the morning routine - it just works best for us), and this is what he received. I don't know what prompted him to record her that morning, but I'm sure glad he did. This video is priceless! We still laugh every time we see it. Enjoy!