Monday, July 21, 2014

Taylor's First Fair

This weekend we traveled to my hometown so that Taylor could experience her first county fair. As you can see, she was thrilled when we told her where we were going. Clearly, she doesn't understand how delicious corn dogs and funnel cakes are.

Like most kids who grow up in small towns, the fair was something that I looked forward to every summer. I couldn't wait to run around with my friends, chase boys, and ride the fastest, most dangerous ride. My enthusiasm obviously trumped Taylor's, because upon first sight of the rides she was less than amused. I tried to give her a little pep talk about how fun they actually are, but I'm not sure it worked.

First things first, we hit up the concession stand (because everyone knows adults only go to the fair for the food). I devoured the most delicious homemade pretzel and lemonade (AKA sugar-water) and my husband proceeded to eat FIVE corn dogs. If you think I'm kidding, I'm not. We spent $27 on corn dogs alone. I had one. The man-giant had eight. 

After our grease intake was complete, we decided to try the tot on some rides. And by "some", I mean the two that she could actually ride. First up, the merry-go-round. We picked the prettiest horse with the lavender and turquoise saddle. I had Taylor all situated and ready to go when the operator informed us we had to switch horses. Why? I don't know. She must've seen me chowing down on that pretzel and assumed we would tip the thing over. Whatever the reason, she seemed pretty insistent, so we obliged. 

Taylor had a great time holding the pole and petting the horse but once the ride started to move, she wasn't so sure. She didn't move the entire time except to look up at the shiny, gold pole. She likes shiny things, just like her momma.

As soon as the ride was over and we exited the gate, Taylor started to cry. Poor baby must've been dizzy from all of those circles! Luckily, the crying was short-lived, so we decided to try our luck with the next ride. Unfortunately for me, the operator wouldn't let Taylor ride unless I rode with her. In a tiny metal car. Made for toddlers.

This should be interesting.

The lady directed us to the only adult-sized seat on the ride - the back of the firetruck.


Upon learning that I would be riding, all of my nieces decided they wanted to ride in the firetruck as well. So here we all are crammed into this little hunk of metal that spins in circles at warped speed. Did I mention the firetruck had a horn? And did I mention how much my nieces love to press buttons?

After that experience, I decided that we had had enough rides for one night. There was no way I was about to cram myself back into that firetruck, and there was no way on Earth my husband could've fit his 6'4" frame in there (although I would've paid good money to see him try). So we decided to try our hand at a few games instead. Twenty dollars later, we learned that Jake is incapable of making a free throw and I am horrible at ring toss. But Taylor quickly brought the Eldredge name back in good standing by winning a large, pink, blow-up crayon from the rubber duck pond. Who knew the tot would dominate at fair games?

We spent the rest of the evening snacking on fried foods and catching up with family and friends until Taylor broke down and let us know that it was time. to. go. This girl does not mess around when it comes to her bed time. I was determined to get a family photo prior to leaving, but Taylor wasn't having it. So this is what we got. I laugh every time I look at it, because it showcases her personality so well. She is head strong and stubborn - traits that she comes by honestly.

 All in all, we had a good time. Jake was on cloud nine due to his corn dog coma, and I was happy to have shared another childhood memory with the tot. Happy first fair, baby girl! I guess we'll just have to tell people you had a good time since you decided not to smile in any of the photos.