Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fourth of July

Every trip to the cabin seems to have its own special memories, but this was one for the books. From the get-go, it seemed as though we couldn't catch a break. I won't bore you with the details, but the "Rule of Three" was most definitely upon us. Regardless of the mishaps, we managed to have a great weekend (and now we have a few extra tales to add to our collection).

We arrived at the cabin early Friday morning allowing us plenty of time to unpack and get ready to go out on the boat (which was basically just repacking everything in waterproof bags since we ended up taking the entire house). As with all other scenarios, I have learned it's always better to pack more than I think I'll need, just in case. There were life jackets and floaties and sunscreen and bug spray and extra towels and a canopy and food and water toys and blah, blah, blah. Needless to say, the boat was completely loaded down before we even got in it! But all the extra work paid off because Tay had a great time swimming and sun bathing.

The weather was perfect - mid 80's and not an ounce of humidity. Taylor was a breeze, as usual. She napped under the canopy on a pile of towels and blankets for nearly two hours. No crying; no fussing. Except for the boat ride. She enjoyed the wind in her face, but she hated wearing her life jacket and screamed from the time I put it on until I took it off. Sorry kid, safety first.

That evening we feasted on BBQ and then gave Taylor a bath cabin-style. Every tot in our family has (at one point or another) been bathed in this old, metal wash bin. I guess you could say it's a right of passage, and Taylor was no exception. She put on quite the show and provided us with a few good laughs. Since my hands were full, Jake captured these adorable shots. I can't get over those rolls!

The next morning, while Taylor, mom, and I had the cabin to ourselves, we decided to take some photos of the tot and the cabin. Ha! Yeah, right. The last thing Tay wanted to do was pose for pictures when there was new territory to discover. At least we tried.

All in all, it was a great weekend away. It was so nice to disconnect and unwind for a few days. Taylor ate her first real table food (some yummy fried potatoes which she loooooved), saw her first fireworks (which didn't interest her in the slightest), and had a great time playing with her cousins. [There aren't any pictures of the cousins together, because catching the twins in a photo is basically impossible. As soon as they see the camera they instantly run in opposite directions. Oh well. Below are a few photos of her playing with Granny and Daddy instead.]

That look on her face kills me.

The sweetest part of my weekend came Saturday night when Taylor finally called me by name! She was sleeping so peacefully until the fireworks woke her. I went in to check on her and heard her crying "Mama!" Melt my heart baby girl, you have just made my life complete.