Monday, February 9, 2015

A Taste of Spring

Can we talk about the crazy awesome weather we had in the Midwest this weekend? Sixty degree temps on both Saturday and Sunday and sunny skies that seemed to go on forever. Talk about a dream come true! With a forecast like that, we were determined to spend our entire weekend outdoors, and I'd say we were pretty successful. It's amazing what a little fresh air will do for the soul!

Saturday morning we opened the kitchen windows and dined on homemade waffles. The cool, crisp air combined with fresh fruit and giant dollops of whipped cream (that make my mouth water just thinking about them) was the only way to kick off a weekend this good. After breakfast, we laid the tot down for a nap so that we could get some much needed vacuuming and laundry accomplished. Tay was clearly too excited to sleep, because she spent the entire hour rolling around in her crib, playing with her stuffed animals, and talking to herself. We took her binky away last Thursday and this was our first at-home nap battle since then. I fully expected her to cry the entire time, but she didn't shed a single tear. This girl has been a straight up rock star at Operation No Bink, and I think it's safe to say she has kicked that bad habit for good!

Saturday afternoon we were off to a gender reveal party for the sweetest couple. My cousin and his wife are expecting their first baby this summer and we were so happy to be part of their special day. Taylor had a blast chowing down on everyone's cake, helping Danielle open her gifts, and running wild the entire time. I was super lame and didn't take a single photo (I'm not sure I even took my phone out of the car...), but I can assure you Danielle is the cutest pregnant lady ever and these two will be the best parents! Thanks again for having us, guys (and here's a new post for you, Danielle)!

And even though Tay and I sported our pink, the blue confetti revealed that the happy couple would indeed be having a precious baby BOY! So, so happy for you three!!

After too much sugar and no morning nap, the tot was entirely too wound up to even think about napping on the way home. So, we filled our bellies with pasta and put the tot to bed early in anticipation of the Sunday Funday we had planned. The next morning, the temps were in the 50's and climbing so we hurried through our weekend cleaning routine while the tot napped then loaded up the car and headed for the park. The place with packed with dogs, kids, and adults of all ages enjoying the sunshine. We brought Tay's wagon and a picnic lunch and decided to make a day of it. This girl ran, swang, and snacked her heart out for as long as she could, but a lack of naps finally took its toll.


We headed home that afternoon with the feeling that only a day spent outdoors can give. We were happy, relaxed, and exhausted. I laid the tot down late that afternoon without a single fuss - she turned over and went right to sleep. That evening we BBQed and left the windows open as long as we possibly could. The smell of charcoal and the sight of Taylor's sunburned cheeks almost made my heart explode. This weekend offered a true taste of spring, and I can't wait for more.