Thursday, February 26, 2015

17 Month Update

Life lately has been one big whirlwind. I feel like I just finish writing a monthly update and it's already time to start another! Where to begin....this chick is everywhere and into every thing all. the. time. I realize that all toddlers like to be on the move, but our girl runs in turbo mode constantly, no joke. And let me just say, that I am e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d. This 30 year old body definitely doesn't have the same energy level as a 1 year old!

Since we're forever stuck indoors, we decided to get the tot a new toy (or two) to combat her restlessness. Jake and I can only read the same books so many times before we want to rip our hair out, so off to Toys R Us we went to let the tot burn off some energy and discover something new. Every time we go to my sister's house, Tay runs right into the twins' room and brings out one of their baby doll strollers. Once we convince her they're for the baby dolls and not her, she will push that thing all over the house stopping only to throw her baby doll out and put a new one in. So, upon adding a baby stroller to our cart last weekend, Tay decided she needed a new baby as well. I have no idea why she chose this one or who even thought to make a baby doll in an owl costume, but she loves it and insists on taking it everywhere she goes. Her new favorite is pushing the stroller up and down the hall and then leaving it at the top of the stairs which is super convenient for everyone. I'm just waiting for one of us to break a limb trying to climb over the thing.

Her little legs aren't the only things moving at a face pace these days, so are her lips! Girlfriend loves to ramble on in her secret toddler language (and then get upset when we don't understand what she is saying). Singing is still her favorite and always our go-to distraction. She's officially learned how to say "baa," "row," and "cup" which means Jake and I sing "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" approximately 900 times a day. And I think we can all admit that she makes the absolute best faces when she sings. I guess straining your neck helps get the pitch just right.

Now, for the not so fun things that come with having a fiercely stubborn toddler. Taylor has recently decided that she no longer enjoys being strapped in her car seat and now yells the entire time she has to be in it. This makes every day things like going to and from daycare/the grocery store/basically anywhere a real treat. When she is forced to endure such torture, she makes us aware of her unhappiness by taking off both shoes and socks every single time we are in the car. It's a three minute drive from daycare to our house, and she has all four items in the floor by the time we pull in our driveway. She also hates riding in the shopping cart which means one of us chases her around Target while the other quickly grabs whatever we need. Life with a toddler is such a joy, but I know that I will miss these moments once they're gone so I try to appreciate and laugh at how ridiculous we probably look whenever possible. But, let's face it, sometimes it's just not possible.

Speaking of things the tot dislikes, she absolutely hates when we dress her or attempt to brush her hair. I swear, she looks like a homeless child 99% of the time even though I promise we do bathe her. She is definitely a bit of a tomboy who cares more about playing than personal hygiene. On the flip side, Miss Independent loves doing things herself. She has recently started pulling everything out of her dresser (seriously, everything) and then putting on random articles of clothing. I will be in the middle of cooking dinner and the tot will walk in the kitchen with a pair of jeans on one leg, a pair of leggings on the other, a tutu pulled up to her armpits, and sunglasses on her head (upside down, of course). She is always so proud of her accomplishment, grinning from ear to ear. Then she strips everything off leaving a trail of clothes all the way down the hall. Taylor Tornado leaves her mark once again!

I realize how ridiculous all of this sounds (as I proofread I can't help but laugh), and I know that all the other mommas out there are shaking their heads in agreement because they, too, have been down this same road themselves. And then there are the pregnant mommas who are probably beginning to question everything. To you ladies, I promise that the happy moments don't even hold a candle to the others. A hug and a kiss from this sweet face instantly makes everything better no matter what the situation. I realize that we're probably just skimming the surface with the terrible two's lurking on the horizon, but  I love my little wild child so very much, no matter how rocky the path may be.