Friday, February 20, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

As with most holidays celebrated in our household, we opted to make Valentine's Day a week-long event. Taylor wore every pink and red article of clothing in her wardrobe which turned out to be enough for 4 days worth of outfits. Thankfully she had a shirt with a heart on it so we were able to round out the work week. ;c ) Surprisingly, one of my favorites was this pink sweater dress that she wore to her Valentine's Day party at daycare. I will admit, our little girl looks pretty adorable in a pink hue, but that doesn't mean it's going to become an everyday wardrobe staple (sorry, Mom).

The best part of any holiday has to be the indulgence of sweets - and this one was no exception! I made some chocolate dipped marshmallows as a fun and easy treat to take to Taylor's party (and so I could secretly hoarded a half dozen for myself). I must've been feeling exceptionally festive Thursday morning because I allowed the tot to have one of them for breakfast. I know, I know - what was I thinking? But she was off to daycare so that sugar rush really wasn't my issue. ;c ) Marshmallows are always a hit with the tot, but add chocolate and sprinkles to mix and this girl is all about it!

Due to a completely chaotic work schedule, I was unable to attend Tay's Valentine's party, but we more than made up for it that evening with treats and presents! This crown that our sitter the tot crafted at daycare was the perfect festive accessory. Kuddos to our sitter for coming up with such a fun holiday craft! 

Tay loved her new big girl cup (twirly straw included) and of course went gaga for the cotton candy, but most of all she loved that Princess bubble bath! Without even realizing it at the time (as it was the only bubble bath I could even find in our Target's sad excuse for a baby section), this is the first "Disney Princess" thing Taylor has ever encountered. Turns out she - like every other girl in America - is pretty obsessed with them. Looks like the Easter bunny may have to bring her this bath time Ariel doll for her basket this year!

For dinner I made my favorite childhood meal: cube steak and mashed potatoes smothered in mushroom gravy. Yummmm. My mouth waters just thinking about it. Jake and Taylor quickly realized why it's my favorite as they devoured two plates each. We followed up our meal with some tastsy chocolate covered strawberries for desert. Our little ninja managed to sneak a few extra strawberries off the plate and into her mouth before her dad or I could notice. Well played, kid

Needless to say, this Valentine's Day contained a little more excitement than last year's when Tay was a whopping 4 months old and basically a pile of drool. Just another reason why I love each new stage that she goes through! Aside from the sugary treats and endless supply of smooches, I am so thankful for both of my Valentines. These two make my world go round.

I hope that your Valentine's Day was filled with as much love and laughter as ours! XoXo