Thursday, March 19, 2015

One Year Blogiversary

Today is Last Friday was officially my one year blogiversary! Obviously, I started this post prior to the actual day, but I'm just now getting around to actually finishing it. Meh, such is life.

Regardless of the fact that this post is a week late, I'm pretty blown away by the fact that I have managed to keep this blog afloat for an entire year, especially since the last few months have been completely chaotic. It has been an eventful 365 days to say the least! We started the year by totally overhauling our kitchen and then last fall I decided to make a rather large career change (which turned out to be the best thing I've ever done). All the while, we've been chasing a spunky, attention-hungry toddler and attempting to keep up with life as the weeks fly by.  The craziness has definitely provided some good fodder for the blog and helped make this year the best of my life.

I want to extend a giant thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my posts and show an interest in our little family. This blog started as a creative outlet for me but it has turned into so much more. People often ask me why I blog and the truth is there are a lot of reasons. First and foremost, it's a way for me to speak what's on my mind and to vent my frustrations. Writing helps me work through so many things. When I start a draft, I let the words pour out of me and then as I proofread I'm able to not only edit the words on the page but also reevaluate my feelings on the topic. Why do I feel this way? Is it justified? Am I over reacting? (to which the answer is almost always yes). Writing is a true passion of mine, a passion that I'm happy to share with anyone willing to listen.

While there are many personal benefits that I get from the blog, it also provides the best possible scrapbook for our family. Having a forum to document the details of Taylor's development is probably the most valuable reward. I love that I'm able to capture all of the small things along with the bigger milestones in one place. And while I still keep a physical scrapbook for sentimental reasons, I love that I am able to share our daily lives with our family and friends, most of which are hundreds of miles away.

So, thanks to each of you for putting up with my off-beat sense of humor and senseless ramblings. I love reading your comments, so please keep them coming! Thanks to my husband for his honesty and providing an endless list of topics for me to write about. He's always quick to give me his true opinion (no matter if I like it or not). And a special thanks to our tot who not only provides endless entertainment for me to write about but is the true star of this blog. I know the real reason you all keep coming back is to see her sweet little face, but thanks for humoring me and reading my words as well. Together we make a pretty awesome team.

To celebrate, here is some ridiculously cute, wholesome goodness. I hope you smile as much as I do every time I watch it. Her happiness is contagious!