Monday, March 2, 2015

Snow Day Adventures

Taylor encountered her first snow fall last winter when she was just a couple months old. I was still on maternity leave at the time and determined to capture a photo of her in her snowsuit on the fresh white powder. Turns out, we didn't get much more than a dusting, but I was able to snap this precious pic of our babe while Charlie tried to lick her face.

This weekend brought another round of snow and temperatures that allowed us to actually play outside in it. Our winter has been rather strange with temps as high as 60 and others as low as single digits. Oh Missouri, you never cease to amaze me.

The snow began to fall mid-day Saturday and didn't stop until it was 6" deep. My husband, the manly man who grew up in Idaho, owns a 4WD truck, and refuses to be slowed down by snow, was anxious to get out and go sledding Sunday morning. While the tot and I were doing normal people things (like eating breakfast and snuggling), he was outside shoveling the driveway for the third time that week. Eventually, I talked myself into getting out from under my warm blanket on the couch and proceeded to dress the tot and myself in layer after layer until we could hardly move. Next winter, we will definitely be investing in snow gear for the tot since we were completely unprepared this year! Regardless of our attire, we were off to meet our friends at Stephens Park so that our little ones could have their first sledding experience together!

Carbing up on Cherrios on the way to the park.

When we arrived, Taylor's buddy Benson was too busy napping to play in the snow, so we decided to see how the tot would fair on her own. Since Jake is the adventurous one (and I was sure Taylor would scream bloody murder), he took her first - and she loved it! She laughed the entire way down the hill and would climb back on the tube every time we were finished. The only time she cried was when she tripped and face planted in the snow, otherwise she was an all-around champ - and her daddy was super proud.


After hauling the tot, tube, and myself up the hill a few times, this momma was spent! Talk about a killer workout! In order to occupy Tay between trips down the hill, I pulled her around on a tube using a rope we found in Jake's toolbox. As you can tell by the photo, her body was completely comatose, but I could hear fits of laughter every time I whipped her back and forth so I know she was having a good time. Her poor little face was stuffed so snug into her trapper hat (and 2 other hoods) that it was hard to tell when she was smiling and when she wasn't. Our girl was a funny looking site but at least she was warm!

After an hour in the cold, we were ready for warmth and food so we packed up our tubes, stripped off some layers, and headed to Hooters for lunch (classy, I know). Getting out of the house and enjoying some fresh air with our friends was exactly what we needed. And while we are more than ready for spring at this point, this weekend was a perfect way to spend what I hope was our last snow-covered, wintery day.