Tuesday, November 24, 2015

24 & 25 Week Update

Happy Thanksgiving week, all! As you can tell by my face, I'm a little worn this week with Taylor catching a cold and the hubby putting in long hours at work already. But none of that matters, because turkey day is almost upon us and so is a weekend full of shopping and family time. I don't know about you, but we desperately need this four day weekend to recharge before December begins. And this year, we certainly have a lot to be thankful for.

Size: A rutabaga (which Google tells me is a cross between a cabbage & turnip)

Gender: Boy (and he may have a name before long, too!)

Maternity Clothes: There should be a clause in company dress policies for pregnant women, because most days it feels nearly impossible to throw together a polished look. I like to think my maternity leggings and house shoe combo is quite stylish and (although more on the casual end) definitely qualifies as "business casual."

Sleep: Being woken up at 6:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday morning this weekend royally sucked. Thankfully, "Doc McStuffins" and a sippy of milk bought Jake and I a solid 45 minutes of extra sleep.

Best Moment of the Week(s): Making some major progress in both Tay's room and the nursery. Our house no longer feels like a war zone and I am so very thankful! The tot is in love with her big girl room and spends all her free time cooking "eggs" and "cupcakes" in her little kitchen and singing songs to her baby dolls. I wish she would stay this age forever.

Miss Anything: Work has been absolutely crazy lately. I could really use a bottle glass of wine to unwind at the end of the day.

Movement: My OB commented this week how active our little guy is and said I should probably be fearful when he starts to run out of room and almost immediately I pictured my 6'4" husband curled up in a ball in my uterus. Ouch.

Cravings: Apparently waiting a few more days for pumpkin pie was too long, because even though I was dog dead tired last night I managed to whip one together. And it was totally worth it.

Sickness: Tay has a cough, sore throat & runny nose (all of which I'm sure she picked up from daycare), Jake is still healthy, and as for me? Well, I'm fighting it off as best as I can.

Looking Forward To: Eating lots of food and spending time with family this weekend. Also looking forward to finishing my Christmas shopping, putting up our decorations, and making my first batch of gingerbread cookies. My mouth is watering just thinking about all of the festiveness to be eaten!

And last but not least, we are extra thankful this year for our new bundle of joy who received a gold star at his check up last week. He is healthy and growing faster than any of us can keep up! As for Taylor, she loves telling her brother secrets and giving my belly hugs & smooches every day. She really is going to be the best big sister ever.

Wishing all of you a holiday full of love, laughter, and good food. Happy Thanksgiving, friends!