Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

After months of preparation and excitement, Halloween has come and gone. But all of our time and energy spent scouring the internet for the perfect costumes paid off, because Taylor and her cousins were a huge hit as the Three Blind Mice! And to make it even better, these outfits were super easy to put together: sweatpants/shirts from Target (with a little quilt stuffing tacked onto the bellies), ears/tails/bow ties from the party store, and cheap gloves & sunglasses from the dollar store. We had planned on the girls wearing matching black shoes, but the rain called for mismatched rain boots and old tennis shoes instead.

Overall, the girls were good sports about wearing their costumes (since they were warm & comfy), but they are toddlers which meant my sister and I spent the majority of the evening gathering discarded sunglasses, gloves, and walking sticks. Note to self: next year plan for a costume with fewer removable accessories.


We started our evening off at church where the kids played games and ate entirely too many snacks. Next, we made a brief stop at the school's trunk or treat before heading out to do some door-to-door trick or treating. We were concerned the girls would throw in the towel due to the rain and cool temps, but these little ladies were straight up champs and only complained when they were tired from walking. And who could blame them? This pregnant momma was exhausted by the end of the night as well.

Not long after sundown, we headed back to my parents house so the kids could eat their treats and play inside where it was warm. The sheer joy radiating from Taylor the next morning made the lack of sleep and sugar hangover totally worthwhile. All of the kids had an absolute blast, and I'm so glad they were able to dress up and spend the holiday together.

And if this picture doesn't say it all, they really do love each other to pieces.