Saturday, February 6, 2016

35 Week Update

It's been a long day of cleaning, laundry, and errand running for this pregnant momma which means a black and white photo to cover up the sheer exhaustion on my face. My goal is to get back to weekly updates throughout the remainder of this pregnancy since the hubby surprised me with a brand new MacBook Air after listening to me complain for months about how much I hate our old laptop. He calls it a Valentine's Day/push present. I call it my saving grace. Clearly, my hormones are winning.

Size: A melon, which always reminds me of the line from So I Married An Axe Murderer, "Heathcliff, move that melon of yours and go fetch the newspaper." My dad will likely be the only person to even understand that reference. #insidefamilyjoke

Gender: Boy! We've been calling him by his name around our house which feels incredibly surreal. Also, Taylor believes that she has a baby in her belly, so any time I acknowledge a movement or symptom she is quick to point to her stomach and say "Me too." That girl.

Maternity Clothes: I'll wear anything that will cover this wide, low hanging belly. When Taylor was in utero, she sat with her head by my ribs and her legs crossed on my hips bones for the last 8 weeks, so carrying him low and wide is all new territory for me. I just can't get over how different things are time around!

Sleep: My body is clearly preparing me for those early newborn days of little to no sleep, because even when I do manage to get comfortable at night my mind just won't shut off. And snuggling with the tot has become increasingly difficult with this giant bump. No matter how many times I remind her, she still doesn't comprehend that my belly (and her brother inside of it) are extremely fragile.

Best Moment of the Week(s): Quite honestly, just being able to stay home and relax. Work consumes every ounce of energy I have these days, so I'm more than happy staying in my PJ's and not leaving the house from Friday night to Monday morning.

Miss Anything: I long for the day when I can walk across the room without getting winded or play with Tay without having her help me get up off the floor. I also can't wait to have an ice cold Corona & lime on the patio at Agave. But I guess not all of that is pregnancy related.

Movement: Our little man has officially dropped, as people so kindly keep pointing out. ;c ) He's still sideways with his head near my left hip bone and feet up near my ribs, and he is constantly practicing his karate moves. I can't wait to see him in action outside of the womb!

Cravings: Rocky road ice cream and Cherry Coke

Sickness/Symptoms: Heartburn, shortness of breath, leg/lower back pain, and Braxton Hicks contractions all. day. long. It's safe to say I've hit the super uncomfortable, "Am I done yet?" part of pregnancy.

Looking Forward To: Finishing the last few loads of baby laundry, washing/sanitizing bottles, packing our hospital bags, and then relaxing until this babe decides to arrive. Next week I begin weekly check-ups which means we're officially in the home stretch. I can't WAIT to see his little face and smother him with smooches! Can you tell I'm getting anxious?!