Friday, January 29, 2016

Life Lately

Over the past month, we have somehow managed to stay completely busy while doing absolutely nothing. Our weekends, while mostly unplanned, have been consumed with baby preparation and failed potty training attempts. We have been washing and folding baby clothes, pulling baby stuff out of storage, and cleaning and organizing the entire house all while taking Taylor to the bathroom every 5 seconds. Super exciting stuff here. Thankfully, unplanned weekends allow for leisurely morning snuggles in bed, lots of homemade waffles, and jammies all day long. It has been simply wonderful.


 Last weekend, we dug ourselves out of our hibernation funk and had all of our best friends over for our annual "Merry New Year" party, a combination Christmas/New Year celebration. We devoured appetizers and cocktails, talking nonstop the entire time, while the kids entertained themselves with Taylor's toys, junk food, and a continual loop of movies in our bedroom. The highlight of the party is always the white elephant gift exchange where we all try to out do each other by coming up with the most ridiculous gift we can find. Safe to say that Jake was the winner with an over sized "I like big MUGS and I cannot lie" coffee cup while Corey was a close second with his denim jeggings and breast enhancer. He was quick to try on both and had all of us rolling. The night was completely fantastic and just what we all needed. Our schedules are so hectic that we have to plan months in advance just to get everyone together, but the time that we do get to spend together is always full of love, laughter, and endless chatter. Have I mentioned how lucky we are to have such an amazing group of friends?

 Unfortunately, life hasn't been all fun and games lately. Jake's grandmother passed away recently and, due to a number of different circumstances, we weren't able to travel to Idaho to attend the funeral. Her passing is something that has been weighing heavily on all of our hearts, but ultimately we are glad she is no longer suffering and has been reunited with her husband, Stanley, in heaven. We were fortunate that Taylor was able to meet her great-grandmother and spend time with her while she was in good health during our trip out west last fall. Rest in peace, Gigi. Although we will always miss you, we are happy knowing you are in a better place.

As the weeks roll by and D Day grows closer, we plan on spending our time close to home. I feel like there is so much left to do but all I care about is snuggling with my girl and watching The Little Mermaid on repeat. Soon my days (and nights) will be filled with feedings and endless diaper changes, so it's easy to justify putting things on hold now to spend quality time with her. I hope the coming weeks are full of sunshine and warmer weather and lots of family bonding time. And now that I have someone to help with the vacuuming, we just may get everything on our list done before little brother arrives.