Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Great Weekend (Eventually)

Our weekend was what you may call a "two part-er".

It started off with a long and tumultuous Friday night that consisted of a screaming baby and me with a near migraine. It all began with a few squeals during bath time and then led to a full on meltdown around 11:00 (just as Jake and I were getting to the really good part of our movie). Said meltdown would subside every couple of hours, just long enough for me to get in bed, get comfy, and start to doze off. The end result was me rocking Taylor to sleep for the first time in her entire life. {It's not that I never wanted to rock her to sleep before, but she never needed it. Why start a bad habit if it's unnecessary?} So, needless to say, I had a long and exhausting night. Thankfully, Jake let me sleep in the next morning (since he slept like a dream while I dealt with screaming baby all night), and I was able to catch up on a little bit of sleep. Unfortunately, Saturday was work day in our house which consisted of me completely reorganizing both pantries (the new and the old - both of which I am completely in love with) and cleaning the entire house while Jake filled nail holes, painted trim, and crossed off 20 other small tasks that needed to be done. We were both wiped come mid-afternoon, but, once Taylor finally laid down for a nap, we got a second wind and decided to get out of the house. A Target run and a trip to Old Navy brought Taylor some much needed new threads (this girl needs to STOP growing already), and with the savings we got by using my Cartwheel app and Redcard (love, love, love both, by the way), we decided to *gasp* go out to dinner.

Now, I know that dining out is not that big deal, but it has become so for us. Before we had Taylor, we dined out all the time. Many pre-baby nights were spent feasting on appetizers and downing beers on patios, but now it's much easier to just eat at home or get take out. Well, it turns out that our tot is actually quite the awesome dinner companion. Girlfriend was the center of attention and laughed and played the entire time.

I am constantly underestimating this child.

Here she is having a gay old time throwing her hands in the air like she just don't care!

After dinner, we headed home to start the nighttime routine (which Jake is currently trying to make up a song about but all of his attempts thus far have been utter failures), and wouldn't you know Taylor slept TWELVE solid hours Saturday night. I woke up in a panic at 9:00 until I realized that we were all still in bed. Thank you, sweet baby. Momma and Daddy both needed that.

Since we were all well rested (and had all of the housework finished), we took full advantage of the beautiful weather and had a full on Sunday Funday for the first time in....well, forever. We went for a swim in the backyard and spent the afternoon laying out, eating chips and guac, and drinking the most delicious agave beers. Seriously, Blue Moon, yummm.

If you're thinking she's sleeping here, you'd be wrong. She fought her nap for as long as humanely possible. Tay didn't want to miss out on any of the fun, and I don't blame her one bit. But, like all good things, our fun came to an end. Daddy broke out his secret weapon and finally wore her down.

It was a great weekend spent with my most favorite people. I love it when we are able to stay home and just spend time together as a family. 

My heart is so full, and we are so blessed.