Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Weekend Update

Our daycare was closed last week so our babysitter could regain her sanity have some time off. Since my husband and I both have full-time jobs with only the smallest amount of PTO (paid time off), we needed to find an interim sitter - and quick! Thankfully, my mom is a high school guidance counselor who just so happened to finish her last day of work the Friday before our daycare was to close. Talk about good timing! So, my parents and Tay split the week between their house and ours. And during their time together, our tot learned how to crawl, clap, and climb stairs. Ummm what?!? She's like a completely different baby! I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it.

Note Bambi in the right-hand corner of the photo. That thing is my dad's prize possession and Taylor LOVES it!

Friday I was scheduled to be off work (my parents had to return home so that they could watch my sister's twins that evening), and I was determined to make the most of the day. Prior to leaving, Mom and I made a trip to JoAnn Fabric to pick up some material for a blanket I'm going to make for Taylor. I've owned my sewing machine for two years and have yet to even turn the thing on. In my defense, I have had a lot going on - we redid an entire house and I made a baby. But now that things are slowing down (HA!), I'm going to become an amazing seamstress. I just know it. ;c )

Two hours later, we returned home to find my dad installing a baby gate (which was appropriate since he's the one who taught her how to climb the stairs). But seriously, my parents are the best. I think they both worked the entire time they stayed at our house! Jake and I couldn't be more appreciative of all they do for us.

Shortly thereafter, Tay and I said goodbye to Granny and Papa, grabbed our shopping list, and headed out to finish our errands. Our first stop was Target (of course) where Taylor rode in the cart for the first time ever! I was beaming over how big she looked sitting in the cart all by herself, and, as you can see, she was less than enthused.

Nap time (and a fussy baby) ended our errands early, so we headed home. Taylor decided she only wanted to nap sitting in her high chair (such a weird child), so, while she dozed off, I made some tissue paper garland for her nursery. You can find the tutorial here.

Once the hubby finishes a giant canvas print (that I think will be absolutely perfect in the space) and we hang the garland, it will finally be complete! It is my absolute favorite room in our house, and I can't wait to do an entire post about it!

Friday night we put the tot to bed early and had some much-needed one on one time. Life gets so busy and can be so stressful that Jake and I often forget to spend time together as a couple. But after a long week of house guests and straying from our routine, the hubby and I needed to relax and unwind.

And that's exactly what we did.