Thursday, January 21, 2016

Toddler Sleep Styles

Almost a year ago, I wrote this post about Taylor's quirky sleep styles, and since then Jake and I have been collecting images of all of the funny sleep positions that the tot has ended up in. It's always amusing to check the camera in the middle of the night and find her in the strangest way, especially now that she has a twin size bed to sprawl out on.

Some nights she sleeps peacefully in the same position that she's in when we tuck her in for the night, head on her pillow at the top of the bed with the covers pulled clear up to her neck.

Most nights she's a wild mess, flip flopping all over the place and usually ending up horizontally with her head on the body pillow (which is there to keep her from rolling off the bed) and her feet against the wall. Unfortunately, this sleep style has led to her pushing both the body pillow and herself off the edge of the bed on occasion, but when that happens she gets up and climbs right back in without shedding a tear or expressing any fear of falling out again.

And other nights are a free for all where anything can happen. Thank heavens for footed, fleece pajamas, otherwise she would freeze without any cover!


No matter where she travels during the night, she always ends up with Penny (her Cabbage Patch doll) and Hello Kitty under each arm. And ever since Snoopy joined her collection at Christmas, he is certain to be somewhere in her bed each morning as well.

Although her sleep styles are entertaining (as she seems to be continuously active throughout the night), she never wakes up or gets out of bed. We tuck her in, turn out the light, and she is asleep within minutes. I have always been thankful for her sleep habits, especially when she began sleeping through the night in her crib at just 8 weeks. As she has gotten older and we have transitioned her from the crib to a toddler bed and again to a twin size bed, we have had zero issues. We have kept the same bedtime routine in place since she was an infant which I'm certain has helped in her dozing off each night without complaint.

I'm grateful every day that her love for sleep is as strong as mine, especially during these last few months of pregnancy. I just hope that her brother will be equally as complaint when it comes to sleep training him in a few short months!